Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Firstly, I wanna thank all the b'full ladies who came in my life and helped me experience this much b'full feeling.

Could never understand,
Why dint nebody hold my hand,
Believe me, I'm harmless,
Though I can't build a fortress
But I have my heart,
Don't hit it with your dart,
It needs to be adored,
Will never tell you, I'm bored,
Will keep you like a pearl,
Respect you like a princess,
Anybody can have a girl,
But love, love is something else !!
Who does not has dreams,
Mine are far apart from realms,
But the best part being,
I only dream of giving,
I cannot be "Krrish",
Atleast m not selfish,
I don't expect,
I'm also not perfect,
I just want you to be by my side,
While sailing over every single tide,
Nothing else matters,
Everything is in shatters,
If you are not there,
There's no glare...
Could never understand,
Why dint nebody ever hold my hand........

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Imagine a world without money,
Believe me, it would not be funny,
Had man never invented this paper,
would have understood god much deeper...

At the beginning,
If there had been a tendency,
to not discover the currency,
There would be love all around,
Like no one ever found...
Doctors heel because of love,
People work because of love,
People love because of love...
Would have been so beautiful,

But if today,
We take it away,
There would be such bad a scene,
Nobody would have ever seen,
Of hunger people dying,
Of greed people dying,
Without love people dying...
Without people, people dying.... !!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twenty three years just flew by,
Many came and many said good bye,
All I can do is try,
To not to wonder why.....!!

Time is here,
time is none,
But I got to learn,
Its not all about fun,
It may b a game for some,
The basics should be firm.. !!

Got my feets on the ground,
Loved everyone I ever found,
For sure nothing can be bound,
Logic not always needs to be sound.... !!

Somethings need to be accepted,
Not everything is related,
Sometimes you gotta lie,
At others you have to say Bye,
Sometimes you have some fears,
At others you can't control your tears,
Sometimes months seem like years,
At others you are with your peers,
Sometimes you are with the flow,
At others you have to "Let Go",

All you need to understand,
Whether it is good, or it is bad,
Whatever you have today,
Has to go one day !!

- Prshant