Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There is no place for people who are good at heart, but for people who can pretend to be so....So better start pretending if u haven't !!

P.S: Many limitations to this theory, but generally true !

Monday, September 29, 2008

To you I say, meet me in the eye of the storm and together we will steer this mess in another direction. Jump into the storm. Do not stand on the sidelines too lazy and scared to do anything about all of the ugliness going on around you. Jump into the storm. Swim and fight your way to the center of the vortex. There we will sit together in the quiet and find the solutions……………..
Why do people always choose the safest way? The bold and courageous people are always praised, but have we ever pondered they are only supported after they have achieved something, but while they are dong it, their thoughts are never appreciated…this is the Irony of our so-called “society”. A person has to be bold enough to think differently and the good work doesn’t ends here, he/she has to be strong enough to act on it. “ To think out of the box”, and “to stand out of the box” are totally different ball games. This face of society has many reasons. Why do we make ourselves dependent on others, why cant we just let go and instead of attaching to people we should learn to get along with them. Why do we give society so much importance…. Having some time alone is not at all bad, and it should be rather appreciated. Because “Even the tiniest of the stars shine in the dark”, so it is not only the sunshine we should love, darkness has its own benefits…
I just want to stress upon the independent thought…Do we have an independent thought or not? In general children follow the paths of elder ones, and whatever thoughts or fresh ideas they have are buried either due to the force of society or their own observations around. But these ideas need to be dug up again, coz if they are not, we might lose them. Most of the people do what they see others do, and most of the ideas are inspired by the acts of others. Their independent thought is inspired by others and not by the free mind… The fact is that everybody has the capability to have as creative ideas as possible; it just depends on the space and time given. So why snatch that space from ourselves, let the ideas grow and build the future we are hoping for……..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why do we give so much importance to somebody in life, that we ourselves become invisible… Yeah sometimes in life we end up doing that… At least I have gone through this phase.. It is generally noticed that we do this out of concern, or affection for other person, or when we want to be like that person, reasons may be many..
Is it justified.. ? This is a rather random topic, but of unique importance in life. Suppose there are two persons A and B. Now there can be three cases. First case, A can be a great admirer of B, or is highly inspired by B, or is in love with B.. Second case, same can be the case with B for A. Finally, third case is when both equally respect each other.
The third case is most favorable but rare case…In either of first or second case, one of the person ends up destroying his/her life or rather I should say waste the precious moments of life. And no it is NOT justified in any situation, at any place, and neither in any scenario. We start giving importance to some other person because we find it meaningful in the beginning, and we think logically we do it for our own comfort, because we feel good to do that, and in many ways we want to be like that.. But as time passes, and if it is the second or first case, one of the person starts feeling the ignorance, but still to preserve the old feelings and if A is honest, A will keep on having same feelings for B. And now A will be spending more time on B, because he/she will add on the time he/she is now spending on thinking that why is the feeling not mutual between him/her and B. And then he will also think of many other things along side, relate himself/herself to many events. And all this time is spend just for B, directly or indirectly.. So finally A gets into the situation, donating major chunk of time for B, which B is not even aware of. Slowly A stops thinking about himself/herself……….. !! And here A should put a STOP. Because If we see initially it all started in personal interest of A, and ends up destroying A, so it should better be put to STOP to prevent further damage….But most of As in this world don’t realize this, and also there are not enough Bs who help As realize this coolly and calmly……. So life goes on….And finally a C will come in life of A and help A realize of the mistakes … But that would be too late…SO better try and forget it as soon as possible…. !!

P.S : May be I messed up the whole thing with A,B,C,,.. etc, but the basic idea is conveyed … J Be Happy..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I’m not looking
For a warm embrace
I’m not looking
For a friendly face
I’ve got
Everything I need
I’m not worried
If you’re coming back
I’m in a hurry
Cause’ I just found out
I’ve got
Everything I need
I’ve got
Everything I need
So even if you wanted to…

You can’t save me
You can’t fail me
I’m back up on my feet baby
In the way down
Is when I found out
That I got everything I need

I’m not looking
For a hand to hold
I’m not waiting
For someone to show
I’ve got
Everything I need
I never found a wall
I couldn’t climb
I never seen a well
As deep as mine
I’ve got
Everything I need

I’ve got
Everything I need
So even if you wanted too…

It doesn’t matter
If I’m qualified
Or if I ever learn
To blow your mind
I’ve got
Everything I need
I’m not looking
For a place to shine
I wake up
And I’m satisfied
I’ve got
Everything I need
I’ve got
Everything I need
So even if you wanted too…

- The Wallflower
Why do you want this so bad?? Because they said I couldn't have it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LET GO.....

Learn the art of letting go from nature. To deal with depression and survive it, one must allow the thoughts to come and go in a free flow, says Swami Sukhabodhananda

When you breathe in and out, the breath not only touches you but also nourishes you. There is an important lesson that you can learn from breathing. Breath goes without getting stuck anywhere. If you too adapt this concept you can lead life wisely. You should allow your experiences to flow, touch you with its understanding and then should let it go. Whenever you are depressed, you should touch it with your awareness and not let it affect you. Slowly it will go away and when it leaves, you should be aware and learn from it. Often you hold on to depression. By this you move into an abyss. It becomes a vicious cycle, wherein you end up getting further depressed. You lose hope of life and you see a world coloured by your depression. Here are some useful tips to counter depression:
Observe your breath and understand how it touches and goes
Observe the sun. As it rises, it touches you and when it sets, it is gone
Observe the changing seasons and how they touch you and go
See the flowers blooming and fading away
Take these lessons from nature. It never allows anything to cling to it. What comes has to go. Learn this lesson
Let the thoughts come and go. Remain detached
When depressing thoughts trouble you, allow them to touch you, but don’t let them
cling on to you. Move on, let the thought go. Your inner eye, now knows the art of “touch and go”
Feel happy. Try to find joy when depression comes and feel happy when it goes With this practice your inner eye will understand that you are not in depression, but in a space where you allow thoughts to come and go.

Monday, September 08, 2008


1) I was just realizing these days that:
The wishes for which we perspire the most in life are seldom achieved or are achieved after too much changes and adjustments that we either don't value it or we have some other challenge going on in our mind... And sometimes in life if we forget them and stop fighting for them, we realize how easy it was to achieve them...It is a vicious circle. But should we stop trying...NO. It is no solution. And "solution" is not a correct word as it is no problem. It is a fact of ilfe, which we should get used to asap! We should think of it as we are getting results of our efforts but not in time..
And always keep this in mind that your efforts are never wasted.... though hard to digest.. But digest it raw as it is..........don’t think on it...

2) Habits
I'm a person who interacts with people more than myself, though to people who know me the vice-versa might seem to be true... But seriously I have never really sat with myself to discuss about me... I just think about people in my life, which is not bad, but former should be given priority... But to this also I have found a way. I keep on telling people that my life is hell.etc….I pretend as a loser. So people keep on giving me advices. So in solace when I think of all the people and their thoughts, I basically am thinking about myself. But this is no way man!!
I need to change this because we are what we pretend to be, and eventually I have started seeing myself as a loser, so what started as a self-realization plan is converting into a self-destruction plan. I should STOP it as soon as possible... I also want to be free and want to smile at every thing that happens to me, be it a failure or success I do it in my mind but cannot reflect it ... as I have to pretend as a loser. Today I'm breaking this vicious circle around me and will be free...
P.S: This might be over-exaggeration of the fact, but the reality is something like this!

3) 100 %
I perfectly know how to play the game but winning is not my cup of tea...
As stated, I make my effort towards making of the battle field, bringing arms to the battle field and even forming a big army enough to defeat anyone and anything, but I stop after it, I don’t know how to lead, or the fact is I know it but don’t want to do it as I want to pretend as a loser.... But this is no use.... because.
There is no list of fighters who fight in a battle; only leaders are counted
also " Winning matters, nothing else."

4) Emotions
I easily give up to people, who I think are good at heart. But the truth is I don’t know how to judge the people, I judge them only after I have experienced them.... But I think rather than thinking so much on this topic I should just go on, and neglect the emotions and be emotionless.... But m a human and that too Piscean so cannot help, but fall prey of worldly emotions again and again...Will learn with time... :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

PERFECT......... :)
Time is new,
Words are few,

But feelings are true,

Here I am trying to convey

My feelings towards you.

"I love you", is a 3 word sentence,

Which I understood when i met you.

I don't know why I love you,

Maybe cause I love your appealing eyes,

Or maybe

you look like the princess of my dreams,


I love you because you're a fantastic speaker,

Or maybe

I love you for the way you make me feel,

For reasons are many,

But still I am not sure of any!

I smile often,

Remembering the time we spent with each other,

I check my mails over and over again,

Hoping to see your mail.

I dream about you

Wishing that someday it would all be true

I don't know how to say

As I said words are few,

And I can never express what I feel about you!
The world is moving,

But my time is still.

I just want to say,

That you are always in my thoughts,

Always in my dreams,

The letter might end,

But my love will never.

So today i propose to you,

With my heart beating faster and faster,

With my eyes waiting for a glimps of you,

With a hope you'd say yes,

Will you be mine forever in the happy and hard times?

And in sickness and joy....

Oh my dear,

Will you be mine forever and ever.....


Hope you'll understand what I just said,

In short, accept my proposal or your dead...
O My Friend........

O my friend , when I met you my heart announced,
That you donot need to search more for friendship,
I don't know where the smile was lost from my face,
But talking to you I saw it coming back again.
I dont have words to explain this heavenly experience,
After getting a friend like you ,seems like god has come in my life !!
Believe it or not, my feelings are true,
I just wrote down what this heart of mine wanted me to .....