Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LET GO.....

Learn the art of letting go from nature. To deal with depression and survive it, one must allow the thoughts to come and go in a free flow, says Swami Sukhabodhananda

When you breathe in and out, the breath not only touches you but also nourishes you. There is an important lesson that you can learn from breathing. Breath goes without getting stuck anywhere. If you too adapt this concept you can lead life wisely. You should allow your experiences to flow, touch you with its understanding and then should let it go. Whenever you are depressed, you should touch it with your awareness and not let it affect you. Slowly it will go away and when it leaves, you should be aware and learn from it. Often you hold on to depression. By this you move into an abyss. It becomes a vicious cycle, wherein you end up getting further depressed. You lose hope of life and you see a world coloured by your depression. Here are some useful tips to counter depression:
Observe your breath and understand how it touches and goes
Observe the sun. As it rises, it touches you and when it sets, it is gone
Observe the changing seasons and how they touch you and go
See the flowers blooming and fading away
Take these lessons from nature. It never allows anything to cling to it. What comes has to go. Learn this lesson
Let the thoughts come and go. Remain detached
When depressing thoughts trouble you, allow them to touch you, but don’t let them
cling on to you. Move on, let the thought go. Your inner eye, now knows the art of “touch and go”
Feel happy. Try to find joy when depression comes and feel happy when it goes With this practice your inner eye will understand that you are not in depression, but in a space where you allow thoughts to come and go.

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