Monday, December 07, 2009

Its crazy these days,
Every incident leaves its trails,
I lost it all,
Attaching with every soul...

Nobody matters,
when you are in shatters,
There were a few who understood me,
But I let them go free....

Lost in an abyss,
It is the most comlex lattice,
Makes me wanna start again,
Over and over again....

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I have recently realized that, attending lectures by eminent professors do give amazing results, though not in the same field.

Any other girl in the metro,
Some think she is on a show,
Others want time to slow,
Few never get lost in the flow...

Some people are so lame,
They forget their aim,
She is looking so beautiful,
but people don't be so cruel...

She is dressed for someone,
Already thinking of them as "the one",
They are selling false dreams,
To their own teams.....

To some she is a daughter,
Others are already flattered,
Even after so much going around,
She never raises her sound.....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One thing I'm sure about myself...
I sure have dreams..
More sure that I never let them fade away..
Also I never make efforts to complete them in time..
I just wanna live with dreams.. I dunno y I don't love reality.. more.. !!

Monday, November 23, 2009

You are better than the girl of my dreams...
You are for real... !!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

If you have a dream..
Don't let anybody tell you ,
That you can't get it !!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Those guys don't just succeed, they make it look damn easy.. !!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you live your life does not matter if you have 5 minutes or 50 years..

Just live like it is your last...

Just jump off that cliff,

Just leave that bundle of past,

You will drop like a leaf,

And this moment will ever last,

what is it in your mind,

Just let it unwind,

Don't keep it for days to come,

Coz then it will just be a lump...

Never plan future,

Coz mystery always has in store,

Something which is much more,

than what you picture...

This notion for life has been successful for me so far............

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nobody lasts forever except you yourself.. !!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

All play to y not me.. !!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just want a big...teddy beer hug from some-one close......... !!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

IF a person dislikes "x" things in life.

Then "x" is a function of "n"...

where "n" is the serial number of that person with total "max(n)"=population of earth

xn = f(n)

For two people there can be three possibilities :

1) x1 = x2
[Greatest chance of mutual understanding (mu)]

2) x1 "intersection" x2 > 0
[Lesser chances of "mu"]

3) x1 "intersection" x2 = 0
[Least chances of "mu"]

P.S : We can never be definite, thus the use of word "chance"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

They just need to hurt others in order to feel good about themselves...

Hurting them back is what I don't wanna do....

I'm not a loser...just afraid to be vulnerable.. !!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I think I have spent my whole life.. filling the "empty space" in my heart by,
filling the "empty space" in others...
But I guess
I have hit bottom,
I cant keep going like this,
Its time for me to grow up... !!

Monday, October 26, 2009

You are not the girl.....
who can break my heart..... !!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The thing about deciding on something is that....
Along come the temptations.. !!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


When you are near,

She cannot bear,

You are amused,

she is confused,

Can also be rude,

But "Dontcha worry dude",

This is what you hear,

From your own tears,

Relationship is boring,

Distances are growing.....

She finds a replacement,

Is happy with the effacement,

Now she is sure,

This is what she is meant for,

Suddenly she realizes,

She is in a crisis,

She has no fear,

Because her mind is clear,

She is not happy now,

Misses everything now,

All that she can recollect,

From the time she spent,

With the contrite tears in eyes,

She wishes "If he could mine",

Clouds are thundering and it rains,

She is confused again,

Thinks it is all in vain....

"She finds peace,

When she is confused..... !! "

P.s : Please do not consider it as generalization... there always exist exceptions....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali to all the readers...:P

Friday, October 16, 2009

God....give me patience...
But..please hurry.. !!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you know that feeling you get...

When somebody is gone from your life..

And you suddenly realize that you miss them...

You know what, I don't care for it..... !!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I hope I had someone whom I could call a "friend" indeed.. !!
But may be I never wanted it....
And now I'm dying for it...

Another irony ***
The irony is that :

I hate doctors from the core...
especially when I need them the most. !!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just wanna go walking down a road....



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Next .......... ??
* this question is haunting me these days
People are either good or bad for us. The neutral or the harmless ones are the best, who have no impact on our life. But here you are gambling with life, there ain't anybody who has no impact on you...I mean you either affect or get affected, and in both the cases you have to bear the changes whether for you betterment or the other way round, but change is a change...But .....excess of everything is bad, and believe me it is.
Sometimes it seems that everybody is good for you, but it does not mean you have to keep a collection of all that positive energy sources in your life. Sometimes they may even resonate, at other times there may be destructive interference, but it is all a random thing which is out of our control then.... Final aim should be to maintain a positive energy source within yourself rather than searching it in outside world. Analogous is the logic for negative enrgy souces in your life. And also keeping same number of positive and negative energy souces never brings neutralism in your life, it just captures most of your time, giving you very little time for yourself...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Sabse Peeche hum Khade.."
"Pehli Baar Mohabbat ki hai ..."
my life has changed.. !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lekin mujhe wo gum bhulana hoga,
Ho sake to dard mai bhi muskurana hoga,
Dil pe pathar rakhna hoga,
Use samjhana hi hoga,

Mohabbat cheez hi aisi hoti hai,
Chahe to kaanch se pathar tod deti hai,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meri aankho mai aansu...
tujhse humdum kya kahu,
ther jaien to angara hain,
beh jain to dariya....
Teri yaado ko sanjona chodd dia.....
Tera raasta takna chodd dia...
Socha tha bhula denge tujhe...
Par ab to ye iraada hi chodd dia...

* Written by one of my friend...sorry for copying...
tumhaari yaadon se hi mohabbat si ho gai hai .........

Friday, September 11, 2009

When someone loves you ,
and you know this too,
never play a game,
love is always the same....

Never take them for granted,
this is what no one has ever wanted,
You shall never know,
When they will go....
far far away,
where there is no way....

How hard you may try,
No matter how much you cry,
There is no market ever made,
where price for love has ever been paid......

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why do people always have to betray, and why in the hell do i need to care?
Why some days are sooo good ,that I dont mind xchaniging my rest of life for them ?
Why do I always need to recite the lines of a song I have already heard, before the singer could speak ?
Why do I sometimes feel lonely in a crowd ?
Why sometimes I feel that everybody is the same ?
Why sometimes one face appears different in the crowd ?
Why sometimes I'm ready to do anything just to achieve my weirdest dreams ?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

You just put in efforts sometime,
knowing that it is not worth a dime,

but still u never give up on hope,
though you know its gonna be a flop,

you know whats gonna be the end,
still u never agree to the trend,

you start liking, the way
you enter the fray,

you know,
it is a one way ticket to chaos,
but u think,
who does not has flaws,

anticlimax is about to be unfolded,
but alas you are coveted,

you had an arduous journey,
but it was not your destiny,

you are demented,
you are heart broken,

but there is much more to it,
your path for future has been lit,

you dilated your mistake,
which now you can't fake,

Still you gotta learn so many things,
which is difficult for other beings......

So just be happy and enjoy the fact that you got to live a human life, with so many nice people around you......

Saturday, September 05, 2009

kyu khoe khoe chaand ki firak mai udaas hai dil....
aaj haath thaam lu , ek haath ki kami khali....
feeling deprived of what I never had...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Why..why do I always care,
with so much flair,

I never ever think,
Caring without a blink,

with so much bend,
hurting myself in the end.

I find peace when m confused,
just want nobody to be rude.....

Who does not has problems in life,
But m made to solve the part that is mine,

It is really odd..
I ain't any god,

Why do I take so much pain,
When I can refrain...

Whatever it is....I dunno...
but my problem just got solved...while I was writing this
Got a much awaited call..
Will surely write again in new frame of reference on same topic..

We create laws,
then we create rules to follow those laws,
Then those rules and laws intersect,
And then we again make new laws,
Again new rules are made yet again to be conflicted with those laws....
And this circle goes on and on..................

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Our body is made of 65% water...
When it hurts, blood comes out.........
Our heart is made up of blood...
But whenever it hurts, water comes out of eyes...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Coming Back to my innocence.................

Monday, August 24, 2009

Essence of Kaminey....
This is yet my second movie review for a film, which is not so much desired by anyone. But who writes for others, I write for myself. I found this movie extremely amazing, revealing the arcanes of real world. It states that we all have both good and bad part in our soles, as I once stated in one of my earlier blog enteries. It is a story of twins, born and bought up in same enviornment, but one incident, death of their father forced them to adopt life-changing paths. But it changed both of them in different ways, depending on how they interpretted the incident and further impacts it had.
Meri aarzoo kamini,
Mere khwab bhi kaminey,
Ek dil se dosti thi,
yeh huzoor bhi kaminey,
Kya kare zindagi isko hum jo mile,
Iski jaan kha gaye, raat din ke gile…
Also we all have so many demands lined up to be completed. And all those demands were made by our evil minds. We are not even loyal to our hearts..Amongst all this chaos we have forgotten that business of life is to live...
Kabhi zindagi se maanga, pinjre mein chaand la do,
Kabhi laanten deke, kaha aasmaa pe taango
Jeene ke sab kareene the hamesha se kaminey,
Kaminey kaminey kaminey kaminey,
Meri daastaan kamini, Mere raasten kaminey,
Ek dil se dosti thi, yeh huzoor bhi kaminey…
We never expect anything from us, all we do is play the blaming game, shifting it from one identity to other , and never letting us be blamed. And even such a pure relation as "friendship" has been polluted by this evil world. What to say of friends, when a sister is forced to shoot her brother in reverted circumstances.
Jiska bhi chehra cheela, andar se aur nikla,
Masoom sa kabootar naacha to more nikla,
Kabhi hum kaminey nikle, kabhi doosre kaminey,
Kaminey kaminey kaminey kaminey,
Meri dosti kamini, mere yaar bhi kaminey,
Ek dil se dosti thi, yeh huzoor bhi kaminey…
In this anarchic situation around us, though it does matter what path we chose for us, but it is more important to notice which path do we ignore.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My only belief is not to have faith in believing.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Read it somewhere and thought to share it

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Chaos Effect.....

It just came to my mind that, all we do now a days is find excuse to hide from effort. Some say that I dont have the perfect boss, some dont get to work in the firm of their choice, some have their neighbours disturbing them with loud music, some find it hard to concentrate with all the distractions present around us...blah..blah..blah..But let the testing time arrive, as the clock starts ticking the final seconds to our target, all the nerves are tightened, we give it a best shot, and it is noticed that our performance is extraordinary in that chaos time of ours. Atleast it holds true for me, and some people I have known.

Also if you look at the past, when World Wars were going on,the physicts and mathematicians were working, and some of the most important proofs and inventions took place at that time.

On one hand this war situation, this chaos is helpful because mind is free and is not bounded by any particular authority, does not have to follow any particular ideas. We are free to go by our will and which is perfect for physicsts and mathematicians.
But, on the other hand, when there is a pity situation all around us there is a very little scope of getting new ideas, because we get majority of them from our surroundings. And at war time they are not so responsive.

But whatever the case may be, I don't ever think that to grasp , to learn things we need solace, it varies from people to people. I still got troubles convincing my parents that I can study with headphones stuck to my ears....But parents are parents, best thing that can happen to any living being.

So coming back from all my wierd ideas of World war, Galileo, Edison, Einstien I would have to remove those headphones from my ears.. pretend as if I am concentrating on this book of mine with my mind still hearing those gun shots from the World Wars.. !!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is probably first time I would be writing about something related to the physical world we live in. But most of it or I should say all of it has been inspired from my inside world which I always live in. Don't go by words, just bhawnao ko samjho.... :P
Ever heard a customer talk to shopkeeper about the expiry of certain commodity ...a common incident...yeah ?
If u r lucky u mite also have seen hoardings and ad campaigns to inspire the consumers to check this "expiry date" everytime befor bying any product....
But ever wondered, why does this situation ever come... India is a nation with more people below poverty line than above it, more people wanting than giving things.... more people living per square kilometer than anywhere in the world....Than why the hell things stay and stink in the market... All the datas suggest that demand is much higher than supply and that is why we are poor...But all this "expiry date" concept suggests the contrary...We are producing more than we need...
So for sure there is something wrong somewhere in between...Either surveys should be done to estimate the b invested in something usefull...or some steps which can mend all this...
A poor person spends even a dime after a lot of thinking... and we say we are poor but waste as if we have all the wealth in this world... And this only forces the shopkeeper to tell fake tales about the "expiry dates" and somehow get rid of their products...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga

Phul sa hai khila aaj din
Rabba mere din yeh na dhale

Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade ab gale
Tenu dil da vaasta
Rabba aaya dar digaar ke

Sara jahan chod chaad ke
Mere sapne sawar de
Tenu dil da vasta

Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga

Baksha gunaho ko
Sun ke duwao ko
Rabba pyaar hai
Tune sab ko hi de diya
Meri bhi aahon ko
Sun le duwao ko
Mujhko woh dila maine jisko hai dil diya
Aasmaan pe aasmaan uske de itna bata

Woh jo mujhko dekh ke hase
Pana chahun raat din jise
Rabba mere naam kar use
Tenu dil da vasta

Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga

Maanga jo mera haiJaata kya tera hai
Maine kaun si tujhse jannat maang li
Kaisa khuda hai tu
Bas naam ka hai tu
Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali
Chahiye jo mujhe

Kar de tu mujhko ata
Jeeti rahe saltanat teri
Jeeti rahe ashiqui meri
Dede mujhe zindagi meri
Tenu dil da vasta

Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade ab gale
Tenu dil da vasta
Rabba aaya dar digaar ke

Sara jahan chod chad ke
Mere sapne sawar de
Tenu dil da vasta
Ajj din chadheya

Tere rang varga
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang vargaaaa…
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang vargaaa..
Din chadheyaaaa..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Friendship, compatiblity and trust form the basis of any relationship. Being in love is a beautiful feeling and with the right person in your life you feel complete. I think that many youngsters would love to stick to this notion, but fear of being missed by one's partner or judged by peers overpowers love...In times like these when everyone is busy fighting it out to achieve their respective goals, being showered with unconditional love will alone mke life a beautiful journey....

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

There is a guy ... there is a girl....he gave himself to her at her first "hello".. Its like he holds his heart right away in his hand and wants to give it to the girl, but all this is his imagination..Lets go to the feminine side of the relationship too.. Girl has noticed the boy and finds him interesting which she finds just everybody else who is inquisitive,very serious or whoever she cannot get to understand...!!
Finally both get to meet each other, exchange good words and even so that they sit together. Boy's heart is pumping blood like crazy to do everything to impress the girl, but his expressions, his words, and none of his actions reflected the scene inside his heart. He was maintaining his calmand acting as descent as possible, the reason best known to the gods of love. All went well, boy was like approaching quiet close to his dream, and girl was quiet honestly solving the doubt in her mind about the nature of boys and more precisely about Love. But the boy was as all say blind in his love for the girl to not to notice all this solution and inquisition process. Also the girl was getting quiet interested in her quest and as time passed by they were coming close to each other.
But girl was coming close to her solution, and boy to his dream. Questions have a short life span as compared to a dream. He just continued to "pile up" his dreams and expectations. But one day, the girl had to find her solution, and that day came. But the twist is that girl found her answer through this guy, but started loving somebody else, and could never again love this guy. And she was about to convey this to the boy. But he was too much engrossed in his thoughts and dreams that girl was quiet afraid to tell him about her feelings. So she simply left him and never returned back.
Now the boy has decided to sleep and never get up. He has quit eating drinking and everything a normal human being does daily. Even the death gods are afraid to wake him up now. Coz if he wakes up he will start unsucessfully searching for his soulmate everywhere...and sleep again when tired...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise..


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Never make anybody a priority in your life.....when you are just an option for them.....

Sometimes we keep on talking about other's welfare and everybody does so... but we never consider other person intelligent and capable enough to do their own welfare....

Life is all about a series of misunderstandings... !!
And the weird part is that I used to enjoy them a lot... and now wanna get rid of all of them... literally all of them... !!
Don't wanna be either misunderstood or misunderstand anybody..... !!

If you never failed ... you never lived... !!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My "hello" ( as in what I say when I call somebody) is charachterless........... !!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

If she wants to fix a bulb, she will just hold it and wait...coz she thinks that world revolves around her.. !!
So close....still so far.. !!

Friday, July 17, 2009

You had always been there regardless of me wanting you or not.. You were always my support. You helped me sail calmly through all ups and downs in my life..You never ever asked anything in return... Whatever I'm or I was is all because of you, and this is the fact which I never valued.. I just never gave it a damn.. I mean we should always value those who knew us before we became great... coz they only know the true you...
I was so much selfish, I ignored you all through last several years.. Now I'm missing you.. I need you now more than I ever wanted...I'm searching for you at every place .. Please come back ooooo my dear..missing you soo much.. !!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This world is a tragedy for those who feel and comedy for those who think... !!

I do both thinkinig and feeling...but the problem is I think where I gotta feel, and feel where I gotta think .. !!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mohit Chauhan just gives life to words.. :

Tune jo na kaha main wo sunta raha
khaamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha

jaane kis ki hamein lag gayi hai nazar
is shehar mein na apna thikana raha
door chaahat se main apni chalta raha
khaamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha

gar wo pehle se hai zyaada khud se phir ye kiya vaada
khamosh nazrein rahe be zubaan
baaton mein pehle si baatein hai
bolo to lab thartharate hai
raaz ye dil ka na ho bayaan
ho gaya ke asar koi hum pe nahi
hum safar mein to hai humsafar hai nahi
door jaata raha paas aata raha
khaamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha

aaya wo phir nazar aise baat chidne lagi phir se
aankho mein chubhta kal ka dhuan
haal tera na hum sa hai
kis khushi mein kyun ghum sa hi
basne laga kyun phir wo jahan
wo jahan door jisse gaye the nikal
phir se yaadon ne kar di hai jaise pehal
lamha beeta hua dil dhukhaata raha
khaamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha

tune jo na kaha main wo sunta raha
khaamkha bewajah khwaab bunta raha
jaane kis ki humein lag gayi hai nazar
is shehar mein na apna thikana raha
door chaahat se main apni chalta raha
bujh gayi aag thi daag jalta raha

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nobody forgets the truth, no matter how good we get at lying !!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

God writes a lot of comedy... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny

Saturday, June 27, 2009

In school you get even a trophy for participating...

In life all you get for participating is pain, loneliness and death.... !!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Basics of relationships....

I love you too much to try to make you into something you are not...

And I love me too much to settle for who you are...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I guess... living in my dream world is much better than dreaming of it .. !!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

U don't always need to be loyal...just b truthful...!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


To forget is a part of life, as easy a word it might seem, it is a hell of difficult thing to do. By doctors it might just be described as a little stress on limbic system of our brains, to lovers it might be a question of life and death, to a student it might be a routine to forget all the answers.. Whatever it is for whomsoever, but it is a vital part of our lives...and we shall live with this fact

As far as forgetting some person is concerned I have something to say here. When it is difficult to forget someone it obviously will be easy for that other person who you are trying to forget to replace you. Coz otherwise, if it is difficult for both then there is no point trying to forget each other.... However here is something important to notice, that when it is difficult for you to forget someone, that someone might also have someone else in his/her life who he/she finds it damn difficult to forget, so its not only you who is blessed with this ambiguity, everyone got their share...maybe this fact helps "let go" more smoothly....

* Never make someone priority in life, when you are just an option for them...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It is the word which sends shivers down the spines of almost everybody of us or we just wanna change the topic, we just never wanna face it. Have you ever realised that while i'm writing these lines, or you are reading them hundreds of children are taking birth, and more hundreds are dying.. These facts are ones which we can never deny to.. The day we are listed in the list of newborns, we get our name written down in the list of dead ones, with the date yet to be decided... Nobody knows whether an infant will be an engineer, scientist, whatever, whether he will get married, where will he stay...but one thing which comes with the birth is assurity of death..

So why hide from this fact, why turn our backs to it, just face it and it will make life more easy..We indians say that we should live each day as it is our last, just believe in it and make it a rule in life.. This will give confidence in life, we will never hesitate to make that long-postponed call to our friend, taking that much thought - over decision... we would rather enjoy life more...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The most beautiful, amazing, soetime painful, sometime refreshing, at times hatred, at times loving, sometimes searching for new faces, sometimes for old ones.....but at the end we gotta be friends yaar ...This is what friendship is...It is a bond without any bondages. .. No expectations, just doing it because it makes me feel good, yet not being selfish, it is a divine feeling... believe it or not.. it is !!!!!

People say that " A friend in deed is a friend indeed", but I don't actually believe in it. Coz when we are in pain, we don't have that much brains to get that the person who is with us is faking all the care or what... so it may just be a deposit in our favour banks to withdraw it at some later time, or some people might be our true friends, but we really cannot figure it out at that time. But when we are happy, on the top of the world, we are in love with ourselves, then we can see the true face of everybody around us , and know who is friend and who is not.... Believe me or not, but you gotta think twice, or thrice or how many times u feel comfortable, before selecting who your friend is. And when you are done with the selection process, never ever think again... coz it makes life complicated.... But we gotta have a protective cage around us, and let only those people in who we want to, coz this world is no more honest and considerate as it used to be....its cruelity is growing day by day... !! But friendship is the only true thing remaining in the ruins of old beautiful world we had, or we dream of having... !

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is an accomplished life?
Which universe do we live in?
Is life a mathematical equation?
Where does motivation come from?
Who's defining the new geopolitical map?
How can we observe what we can't see?
Can we design the air we breathe?
What's the economic impact of terrorism?
Should we fear faith?
What makes big cities function?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love & Marriage Explained beautifully
A student asks a teacher, "What is love?"The teacher said, "in order to answer your question, go to the wheat field and choose the biggest wheat and come back.
But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick."
The student went to the field, go thru first row, he saw one big wheat, but he wonders...may be there is a bigger one later.
Then he saw another bigger one... but may be there is an even bigger one waiting for him.
Later, when he finished more than half of the wheat field, he start to realize that the wheat is not as big as the previous one he saw, he know he has missed the biggest one, and he regretted.
So, he ended up went back to the teacher with empty hand.
The teacher told him, ".this is love.. you keep looking for a better one, but when later you realize, you have already miss the person..."
*"What is marriage then?" the student asked.
The teacher said, "in order to answer your question, go to the corn field and choose the biggest corn and come back. But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick."
The student went to the corn field, this time he is careful not to repeat the previous mistake, when he reach the middle of the field, he has picked one medium corn that he feel satisfy, and come back to the teacher.
The teacher told him, "this time you bring back a corn... you look for one that is just nice, and you have faith and believe this is the best one you get... this is marriage."

"Changing the face" can change nothing.
But "Facing the Change" can change everything.

* Taken from forward mail

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some events happen to just be cherished as a good memmory... Like when rain falls on flowers after a harsh sunny day, smell of the rain , that first rainbow....Some experiences cannot be just taken with you even with the that best quality camera of yours...They just need to be absorbed as such and kept in a secret place in your heart to cherish whenever you want to... We may give flowers to our loved ones, because they look so good on that plant, but once we have plucked it, it starts to decay and will never regain its original freshness... Somethings should just be left as they are and we should just remember them as good memmories of some nice time we had while experiencing them..... Similarly some people in life should just be there in life as they always were, the more we try to posses them, the farther away we get from them.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Politicians, reporters, journalists...all of them say that they fight for some or other ongoing issues, but thinking rationally if these issues actually did never exist, what will these people do. So they just project the issues to the world, or sometimes even end up making them ,coz becuase these controversies they will be jobless.So will they ever help in making a progress to answer is NO.. they cannot coz none of us will cut the tree on which we are standing, not make a grave for our own.....
Neway...who cares, these were some random thoughts occupying my head on this lonely boring sunday afternoon. I really hate being just takes all the ever existing enthusiasm from my life. And most of all being lonely is the worst punishment anyone could ever get.. And I now a days m feeling lonely even amongst a crowd of people which sucks even more.. I just have to get over this stage somehow.. Its just that sometimes nothing just seems to be right, every person around looks like your worst enemy, looks like nobody just likes you, you are worth nothing, and in every move of the society these traits seem to be more prevalent. Who doesn´t gets into this situation for once, all that matters is to get out of them more strongly then u ever were...These tests of time only help you c u as a person , make u more tough...

And finally,nothing can be right if there are no "wrongs"...

Monday, May 04, 2009


I'm a complete introvert at heart. I mean I try soo much to not make it obvious, but all in vain. I mean it never helps, it always does make the situation worst. I just have so many hidden thoughts in my mind. I always thrive to get them out of me, but can never do so. I always end up expressing my emotions by either being too casual or too vulunerable. And this always make people think of me as some psycho. And I always kinda know it, still I cannot help.

I'm a liar...I'm a fake...

But I know u can't like me when there is nothing left to blame....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Watch this

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ooo yeah...m addicted these days...

Addicted to living, addicted to friends, addicted to travelling, addicted to analysing life, addicted to planning life almost always unsuccessfully.... This is the addcition m addicted to these days and wanna b addicted all my life.... Life has never been a struggle for me, its just that sometimes or most of the times things won't fall in places, they won't work as we planned them to be... Life is a process of adjustment, but still do we ever give up.. I never give up on planning, I even plan of planning my future, coz it is fun. But life always has to unfold as it is destined or you may say as circumstances may permit.. We may not get what we want in life, but I have a motto to start liking what we get in life...then it is all peace, all the ripples in the water will stop and the image u had been searching for quiet sometime will be clearly visible in front of you... Its just a matter of changing your viewpoint.... But sometimes planning does help, coz it makes a pathway, without which we cannot lead to nowhere, whatever it might be... !!

Like I have plans to work hard till I can, that is till the age of 40, coz after that working will never be my priority , we have to live life too.... Then I want to spend my life in a farm house, I even have made designs for how my farm house should look like...blah...blah...blah... After planning I jusrt keep my aim in mind and take life as it comes to me... dont wanna disturb that stiking balance between winning and losing, between believing and losing faith... And in the end we can only plan the frame work, rest everything we should leave it on god rather than thinking about it... But hardwork is a must, for whatever it may be... Whenever I look back I just wanna turn my face to the road m walking on.. coz it seems much more interesting than my past...Past is always there to be forgotten, and what ever is worthy to be remembered will always stay, we don't need to force anything .....

But right now I just wanna live life, enjoy this beautiful planet, enjoy the company of my friends and dear ones... dont wanna miss anything, and just wanna keep a snapshot of each moment in my scrapbook of life to be cherished on one lonely summer afternoon on a beach when m old....

This is my plan of life... But who cares... and it really doesn't even matters if somebody cares or not...coz at the end of the journey, I care and I care a lot about it...

So wear your party hats and get dressed to ceelebrate life with mee......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When we all were small children, we used to do what our heart says. Never think twice, no distractions from what we want, once a kid wants something come what may he will never be satisfied with anything less worthy than it, or even more...he just wants what he desires.. We used to tell lies, to hide many things from our parents, there comes a time when each child has a priority for the peer group for those childhood games we even cheat our parents.. We used to make stories for our faults..And even though our parents could clearly see through all our fake and senseless stories, still they pretend as if they believe in us and we are more confident than ever... Its like watching somebody make a bridge to the stars, though we know that it is not possible but it all looks so beautiful that we dont feel like stopping and just sit back and watch...

Similar things happen when we grow up, only thing being that now the people whom we are trying to fool are not our parents, but our peer group, seniors, teachers, professors, bosses...can be anyone. And this is a fact that when ever we are trying to pretend what we are not, it is quiet easily visble, how hard we may try. Sometimes still, people who we are trying to fool let us fool them not because it is all beautiful to watch, but the reason may be something else this time.... Being fooled might not be that harmful, they might not think it worthy to stop us, they might be pretending to be fooled, they might not be that intelligent as they used to be when they were kids.... or any reason... But the person who succeeds in fooling is finally called as being matured..

If we take a deep look, being mature is then completely dependent on either circumstances, or degrading of some people's instincts, but it has nothing to do with us being intellectually more developed , haveing more experience, beacause that is what more or less we all have been gaining since we stepped on mother earth...So maturity is not that positive asset as we think it is.. :) :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


People have aim in life, a proper destination they think of achieving, and run for it all life long. But I tried something new. I ran and ran, but without any aim. I enjoyed the journey completely, just ran. This time running was not as a normal one. I noticed my each muscle working to make me run, I was observing everything around me more deeply, knew more about myself....
And believe me this was completely exuberating and a lifetime experience...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You were like a butterfly,
Wathing you made me believe,
That life is soo simple,
Just spread your wings and fly....

You were the best dancer on the floor,
Looke like an angel in that dress you wore,
I'm generally an introvert at heart,
But preferred not to play that part,
I gave myself to you on first hello,
Spokeof was and when with you...
Khone ki zid mai ye kyu bhulte ho,
Ki paana bhi hota hai....
Wo pal abhi waisa hi hai,
Choda tha jo jaisa wahi....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He always used to think,
that whatever he thinks,
wherever he walks,
whatever other people make him feel,
whatever he talks,those are all what is real,
but he was wrong,
he was totally blinded,
now he cannot blame on any one person,
the only person he can blame now is he himself,
but there was one person,one real part in his life,
for which he wanted to be mad forever,
the part which always seemed to be so pure,
he felt pride in that feeling,
but now when that part also seems to betray,
its all so ugly,
that he himself does not wanna talk abt it,
he regrets chosing some one else as his pure part,
that part and role should have been played by himslef,
then it would not be as bad,
but who does not FALL,
it only matters to rise after all that falls...

There are many different independent universes in this world. Like fishes swim in water, and birds fly in air, both in their independent universes. Birds always keep wandering that how do fishes swim so deep, and similarly fishes wander that hw would birds just spread their wings and fly up above so high. But these questions dont have any answers in theier respective universes, still they exist. Those questions never stop being raised, and always there are some bridges between the known and unknown , which make it all possible. In a more polite, refined language we call those bridges as magic. we all have many unknown questions about life, about love, about many unknown things, but for no sane reason we have those questions still searching for answers in our known terrirtories or waiting for some magic to take us to those unknown territories to find the answers. Those bridges can be anything, for some they are people, someone special, for some they can be books, talks with somebody, can even be a small expression of face. You just have to find for those bricks and make ur bridge and finally its not the age of lord ram, where you just throw the rock in water with their name and it floats. You also have to apply some clay, cement on the bricks to make a bridge out of them..Some people finish their life searching for these answers and ignoring all those magical bridges in their life, so never ignore on any point just go with the flow and never think that u r soo special to be gifted with all the bad luck on this world, that wud b just soo unfair, u r also like a common and natural human with some flaws and some strong qualities.. God is never unfair, nor are the circumstances, its just our understanding of them.. !!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today I was just having a nice conversation with one of my seniors at company. It was raining here in Switzerland, and I was quiet liking it. I was out without an umbrella, and was all excited to walk in the rain, and for that reason I had come to work in sandals today to feel the water on my feet. And I was walking the similar way with him while we were going for lunch. We had conversations on many topics ranging from politics, religion, India, India and India. I don’t know why, though there are many Indians in the building but when it comes to talking about India, every one does come to me. I would never understand it. But finally the topic came to rain. And I could guess from his face that he was curious to know that how do I like the rain so much. I was the only one without umbrella that day I guess. And finally he came up with the question: “ Why do you like rain so much ?”.. I had never thought on it much. Do we generally think, I mean when we love something, we never justify it to ourselves, we just do. But I dunno why, I wanted to think on these lines, lines less travelled, path less taken. And spontaneously I came up with so many reasons:
In India we generally don’t have that good drainage system, I mean we have at many places but it rains so much and people are too greedy to work with full dedication that usually we have water puddles and water gathered at places. So during rains we have holiday and we used to just run out of home playing all day long, making paper boats in water, splashing water, playing cricket and what not. Then I told him about the special smell of the rain in India, because it just makes the dust to settle down and they create such a soothing smell, which I so much miss here. Then I came out with many incidents and reasons, which did prove that I should like rain. It was really mind freshening to remember all this. Finally I came up with an argument, which I myself I don’t know how did it come, but I said that “If there was no rain we people could never eat in India”, coz after all it’s the monsoon which helps the farmers to nourish their farms and come up with majority of what we eat daily. So whenever it rains we have a reason to celebrate. But I was just wondering that did I ever know this when I was a kid. The only thin I knew was that food came out of kitchen, and nowhere else. Still I exuberated when it rained. But looking at the broader picture all these random reasons are linked somewhere or the other to each other. When monsoon comes, more knowledgeable people like our parents and teachers who knew that food came from the soil, were really happy when it rained, and we had all the freedom to do anything. And it is interlinked in a way that elder people generally think of their childhood when it rains, the times when they were a kid and they were also happy for the reason mentioned earlier. So for this reason also , to feel that happiness again , we kids are allowed to do anything. So consciously or subconsciously everything around us has an impact on how we behave, how we react, how we talk, how we walk, how we celebrate.. It is all interrelated. But if you go more deeper, you can find billions of interrelated matrices filled with reasoning enough to question even our existence..
So better be away from all this, and just accept life as it is !!Truly remembering the past, the better part is always mind freshening , rest part of the memory we either ignore or we never really remember.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pretending Syndrome

This is some kind of a disease which conciously or subconciously we get infected by ,some time or other. And it is unique of its kind, with symptoms spread all over your personality from body language to talks and so simple to read. Its symptoms can be guessed by anybody who is not even qualified to be a doctor. But the beautiful thing is that nobody can be a doctor to this infectious disease, as soon as one reads the symptoms they either get transfered or never get conveyed to the patient. So finally the patient never heals till he/she stands in front of a mirror. And it is not that simple, because some mirrors might be stained or some might even not be mirrors (just pretending to be one). So its all very complex. But there is only one solution to this disease which you will find as you go through the passage.

You can fake it through the day, but at the end you can never fake yourself. Just take this as a law of universe, coz if not daily someday u will have to stand in front of mirror or your subconcious will never allow you to live life peacefully.
He was just standing in front of me looking at all those crazy people who were just mad enough to make nasty noises during the middle of the night. Look on his face was obvious, he could not tolerate them, though he himself did not know the reason. He was giving such a look that he wanted to go home and be at peace with himself. Suddenly he broke the silence in not so silent surroundings and bursted " What the hell is this ?"... We are all descent group of citizens, how can we let this happen. Though he was talking all this, but somewhere everybody listening to him knew that how much he wanted to be a part of this crowd, but he would not. Because he just thinks that it is beyond his respect . So all the passion and energy which he otherwise would have used to be a part of the crowd was now diverted to just random thoughts and talks which did not really had any meaning. You are basically telling yourself how coward you are .. so better stop pretending today itself and spread your wings, hold the paint brush, paint the skies blue, red, yellow, green and all the colours you imagine and just fly ... !!

If you look into the crowd there was a person who was dancing like crazy. He was just talking and when people were not interested in his talks all he was doing was dance. And he was dancing with his eyes closed. It all look so inspirational and beautiful. But go a little closer, his talks just did not had any meaning, he was just talking to keep the conversation alive and take the command of topics in his hand. And while he was dancing , though with eyes closed all the time, he did opened them at regular intervals to look at people and guess what they might be thinking, seemed like he had some sixth sense. But it was clear from all this that he was pretending to be enjoying this. It was clearly visible like a moon in the dark sky. He might be trying his best to hide it but could not really succeed. Whenever you are not what you really are, you are pretending a false image, you are trying to be someone else, its so transparent that even a person with sun glasses in the dark can easily guess, so better be what you are , coz u r best at pretending to be yourself rather than somebody else. And that is your only strength and is always appreciated, though other images might seem to be attractive, but just stick to yourself coz after all it is you who is living in this world, who has got the oppurtunity to live in such a beautiful world, to live among such lovely people, to feel such abstract emotions, to dance your heart out.

So start living yourself and return back home rather than wondering in the woods searching for different masks to wear..

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life "

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The first four odd numbers add to the day I was born. If you figured the day and are wondering of the month, don't worry. Just add 1 to the sum of first 17 odd numbers and it gives you the number of days in this year remaining after the special day.
If you have figured out, you know when to wear your party hats and sing the birthday song!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We all do search for some true love in our life. And as is said that everyone has his\her true soulmate which you are definite to cross paths with, sometime in your life. It  just takes some common sense to notice it. But noticing is the first thing, rest is just destiny. But most of my friends who say that they have found the love of their life, their true soulmate, I find them most of times either complaining about something or the other. Or they are just pretending it. 

But isn´t it true that when we are seeking for our soulmate, we are searching for someone who understands us, will stand by us even at the time of crisis, will feel the same we feel. We are basically looking for the other part of our soul, which has been lost somewhere between the crowd, and when we find it, we can just relate to it. Feel like it, be one with it. But why just push it with somebody whom you are not happy with, basically you are destroying two families which could have been living happily. But at this stage most of us think that where will we go and find all that we sacrificed for her. We shud rather think that at least we did not end up sacrificing everything, we realized at the correct time. Just move on and search somebody who is worth of all your sacrifices but still won´t demand for any, who is content with all your shortcomings.

Had been searching for some face which would be familiar, never realized that the most unknown face was mine, seems like all mirrors had been laughing at me and now I met myself....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Since he stepped on this earth,
he had a protective cage(self made) around him,
to prevent him from being polluted,
from being affected,
from getting hurt,
from getting involved,
from being attached,
from everything,
but afterall he was human being,
like me and you are,
how can he just escape all this,
that would just be soo unfair,

Was enjoying his journey ,
in that cage ,
over the mountains of obstacles,
over the oceans of emotions,
over the lands,
 So different from his dreamy world,

The cage is wide opened,
he tried to stick to the walls,
but the cruel world would never let him,
Now he is dropped in all the puddle of emotions,
where people fight for reasons they cannot even justify to themselves,
where it is really difficult to "let go off" something,
something close to your heart,
where the rat race is so long,
but people never realize that at the end of the race they are still rats,
where life just never stops for anybody..

He is getting used to all this,
and with the passage of time will be thorough with it,
He never wants to master the skill,
but still he will try..
Which at last he and all of us can..........

Monday, February 16, 2009

He always knew that he could fly,
He had the wings to do so,
But he never ever did try to,
He had many mysteries hidden to himself,
His thoughts were deep,
Inspired by something,
He just wanted to break free,
Wanted to open up,
Wanted to fly,
Fly high in the air,
to which he was not used to,
to where he never belonged,
and he knew it too,
but still he jumped from the cliff,
hoping that his wings will help him fly,
It was a random flight,
He was not used to that adrenaline rush,
or may be the wings were never his,
But he could not really sustain the feeling of being held up,
He is feeling insecure,
He now wants to return to ground,
to his normal secret hidings,
to his own deep world,
where nobody can ever disturb him, not even himself,
Though he did fly really high,
And it will take time to come back,
But now he knows where he belongs,
Or at least where he does not....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So he was sure that she did not had any idea of what love is,

He could wait for ages,

But could never make her understand about love,

coz those are things to write not to explain,

When there are explanations,

there is no such thing as love,

But she was sure about her feelings,

her words were definite,

he did not click her,

His dreams were all shattered,

His confidence was down to the floor,

His understanding about everythin seemed to be wrong now,

He was not that weak a boy,

But nobody on this earth can be strong to take this coolly,

to believe that all his intuitions were false,

that he was the only one weaving the dreams,

which is incomplete without one more weaver,

his life seemed to be a one way ticket to chaos,

hope was only thing to which he has clinged all this time,

and now that support also seemed to back off,

there are moments when u have full trust on urself,

When in those moments you are betrayed by yourself,

Nobody can help you...

Nobody could ever make her understand now,

And all he could do is try and forget the past now,

Accept the fact and be content with it....

And he will be... !!

** Love is like a Jelly Fish which is soo beautiful but is the deadliest creature on earth... !!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I know I can never be yours
But I cannot stop my tears,
All I can do is dream of you years by years,
You are my pain,
But fear of all goint to vain,
Makes me insane
--- May be my emotional inertia value is really high. I cannot just stop myself from thinking of you.
I was never true to myself,
You were the " Princess of my dreams",
Could never tell it to you,
Dunno whether it was a fear of losing you,
But I was not that under-confident,
What ever,
I hoped that you would support,
But everything you did was justified,
Still I hope everything to be back to normal,
Still I will dream of you years by years...

So here I dedicate few lines :
I started out with a new love
And I thought I had more control
And as it turned to an old love
Bad times started to unfold

Now I don't want to let you go
And I don't want it to ever end
So if feelings have been torn and if hearts have been broken
Let's put it back together again
Ohhhh, we've got to

Let's mend what's been broken
You and me, me and you
Let's mend what's been broken

Now I'm not ready for new love
'cause you make my life so complete

'cause I don't want to let you go
I don't want it to ever end
So if feelings have been torn and if hearts have been broken
Let's put it back together again
Yes, we've got to

Don't throw it all away
Let's keep this love in every way
Mend my heart, my achin' heart
The thought of a brand new start tears me all apart
The love we've got,
don't let it end
We can put it back together again