Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It is the word which sends shivers down the spines of almost everybody of us or we just wanna change the topic, we just never wanna face it. Have you ever realised that while i'm writing these lines, or you are reading them hundreds of children are taking birth, and more hundreds are dying.. These facts are ones which we can never deny to.. The day we are listed in the list of newborns, we get our name written down in the list of dead ones, with the date yet to be decided... Nobody knows whether an infant will be an engineer, scientist, whatever, whether he will get married, where will he stay...but one thing which comes with the birth is assurity of death..

So why hide from this fact, why turn our backs to it, just face it and it will make life more easy..We indians say that we should live each day as it is our last, just believe in it and make it a rule in life.. This will give confidence in life, we will never hesitate to make that long-postponed call to our friend, taking that much thought - over decision... we would rather enjoy life more...

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