Thursday, February 16, 2006

Exam Fever…………………. 16 Feb,2006

Today was my first exam and as usual I screwed it up. Before the exam there was a great hype among batch mates that paper would be difficult... blahblah……But I was determined to perform well, I prepared well and I went confidently to give the exam. But firstly I reached late there which I always do (I don’t know why ….) . Then I was confident in paper and solved first two questions and with ease ( the reason maybe that they were theoretical question ) and next question was of maximum weightage and fortunately I knew how to solve it but I copied wrong values on my answer book and ended up in weird answers but thinking I was correct , moved to next question . Suddenly invigilator announced that only 5 min. are left and my hands started shaking and I didn’t write properly and even left one question unread. When I came out and knew that I had screwed the main question I thought that all my efforts had been waited, all the hard work went in vain.
And now while writing this blog, I’m not in a mood to write more………..

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life at IIT................ 15 Feb.,2006

By the way reason that yesterday I didn't wrote a blog is not that I was celebrating Valentine's Day but I was having fever . I don't have any girlfriend and frankly speaking here at IIT I don't have any time for girlfriends .
Today I was just analysing my life at IIT . I woke up at 11:30 in the morning and went to lab at 1:00 to find that no person of my subgroup was present and lab assistant said that do the experiment on your own and I had to do it alone which took much time than others in my group. And I was in a hurry to leave the lab early ...... What for?? I always kept stressing that I don't have time but time from 1:00 to 3:00 is reserved for lab . Either the IIT peoples have made a tedious time table or I need more time management . While doing lab I don't have time for doing lab work properly and after coming to room I don't have time to study a subject properly . This is a great problem to be analysed by me . I don't know that it is only me who has this problem or all my batchmates have similar problem but I have to find a solution to it . Main question is where does time goes . Main question is -- Should we stick to priorities or priorities should be kept in mind and recreation should also be done to keep mind fresh ??
And there's one more - the word " maggu " if one syudies a lot here he is called maggu by the peer group . And I don't know why when someone calls me maggu I just leave studying and start doing masti . I don't know why I do so show to the person that I'm not maggu .
But why do I hide ? Facts must be clear and fundaas of life must be clear ... Don't care about what every body is saying just do what is good for you .But I must be eligible enough to define what is good for me ( what is good and what is bad ?? ) .May be I will take care of my future ...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Living Life Successfully…………. 13 Feb,2006

I couldn’t write on Sunday as I was not in hostel and didn’t have any computer.
Today I just realized that what magic proper time management can do to your life and oppositely what harms can bad time management give. Today I was just vaguely doing whatever my heart said and did full masti but forgot that exams are coming and thought that I have no tension and am living a peaceful life. But one must have some tension in his mind about his/her priorities otherwise you will be left behind in today’s competent world. Whatever your priorities may be but time which you spend throughout the day must be managed and each and every second of your day must be taken account of so that you don’t have to repent on what you have done.
Thanks to blogging that I have realized this great fact of life.
From today I take a pledge that at least 40% of my day(except classes ) will be managed properly and be taken care of .

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Masti and no magai................... 11 Feb. 2006
Today also I'm writing this blog at the start of the day as it was yesterday . Yesterday i completely waisted my day playing computer games and watching basketball vedios and playing basketball ( of course ). I became very frustrated that I didn't study anything. But then I came to a conclusion or consoled myself by saying that today I had no mood for studying so what I did was correct . But today also , same , as it was a holiday I woke up late but then also started playing that game again and waisted all my time again . I'm getting addicted or I want to escape studies I can't answer this question . But then my mother called me and she said everythings ok and start studying from now only , much time is left ( Oh! I forgot to tell you that my exams are coming so iwanted to study) and I can,t explain u the feeling of relief which I had aftre talking to my mom. I just realised that I had much time to study and lets see what I do rest of the day .............. Oh! So I came to a conclusion : Do whatever your heart says but keep priorities in your mind am\nd never forget them and never cry on what has been done , concentratet on future and HANDLE IT WITH CARE.............

Friday, February 10, 2006

First Blog.............. much awaited one 10 Feb 2006

Today is my first blog . One of my friend told me about this blog and I found it damn interesting to write a blog .
According to me writing a blog is to reveal your personal self to yourself and whoever reads it . It is only possible if you are true to yourself . When you write your first blog, the feeling is so difficult to explain . First of all I felt what will others think if they read it . And now i will use ' I ' instead of ' You ' in sentences bcause this of course refers to me not to you ( any way leave it ) . Initialy i thought blogs are written at the end of the day as a brief summary of your day but today I'm writing this very first of my blog at the start of my day . I read many blogs before writing this one and i found that blogs are a portrayal of one's personality . I got to learn many things from blogs like main fundaa of success is setting up a question for yourself and finding answer to it ......... and many more . A person can come to such a conclusion only after analysing his/her life very deeply . And according to me one way of analysing oneself is writing a blog . I'm always used to write 'You, we or .... ' in sentences which i generally write but feel of writing ' I ' in every sentence is very great . I'm refering each and every sentence to The Great Myself . ( the feeling is great ) .