Monday, February 13, 2006

Living Life Successfully…………. 13 Feb,2006

I couldn’t write on Sunday as I was not in hostel and didn’t have any computer.
Today I just realized that what magic proper time management can do to your life and oppositely what harms can bad time management give. Today I was just vaguely doing whatever my heart said and did full masti but forgot that exams are coming and thought that I have no tension and am living a peaceful life. But one must have some tension in his mind about his/her priorities otherwise you will be left behind in today’s competent world. Whatever your priorities may be but time which you spend throughout the day must be managed and each and every second of your day must be taken account of so that you don’t have to repent on what you have done.
Thanks to blogging that I have realized this great fact of life.
From today I take a pledge that at least 40% of my day(except classes ) will be managed properly and be taken care of .

1 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

zubin said...

good that you have decided to make better use of the time at hand. The earlier you realise it, the better.