Saturday, February 11, 2006

Masti and no magai................... 11 Feb. 2006
Today also I'm writing this blog at the start of the day as it was yesterday . Yesterday i completely waisted my day playing computer games and watching basketball vedios and playing basketball ( of course ). I became very frustrated that I didn't study anything. But then I came to a conclusion or consoled myself by saying that today I had no mood for studying so what I did was correct . But today also , same , as it was a holiday I woke up late but then also started playing that game again and waisted all my time again . I'm getting addicted or I want to escape studies I can't answer this question . But then my mother called me and she said everythings ok and start studying from now only , much time is left ( Oh! I forgot to tell you that my exams are coming so iwanted to study) and I can,t explain u the feeling of relief which I had aftre talking to my mom. I just realised that I had much time to study and lets see what I do rest of the day .............. Oh! So I came to a conclusion : Do whatever your heart says but keep priorities in your mind am\nd never forget them and never cry on what has been done , concentratet on future and HANDLE IT WITH CARE.............

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