Thursday, February 16, 2006

Exam Fever…………………. 16 Feb,2006

Today was my first exam and as usual I screwed it up. Before the exam there was a great hype among batch mates that paper would be difficult... blahblah……But I was determined to perform well, I prepared well and I went confidently to give the exam. But firstly I reached late there which I always do (I don’t know why ….) . Then I was confident in paper and solved first two questions and with ease ( the reason maybe that they were theoretical question ) and next question was of maximum weightage and fortunately I knew how to solve it but I copied wrong values on my answer book and ended up in weird answers but thinking I was correct , moved to next question . Suddenly invigilator announced that only 5 min. are left and my hands started shaking and I didn’t write properly and even left one question unread. When I came out and knew that I had screwed the main question I thought that all my efforts had been waited, all the hard work went in vain.
And now while writing this blog, I’m not in a mood to write more………..

2 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

Musafir... said...

koi naa yaar, paper was very difficult... and the time given was grossly insufficient.

Musafir... said...

Kya be, likhnaa band kar diyaa kya ?