Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life at IIT................ 15 Feb.,2006

By the way reason that yesterday I didn't wrote a blog is not that I was celebrating Valentine's Day but I was having fever . I don't have any girlfriend and frankly speaking here at IIT I don't have any time for girlfriends .
Today I was just analysing my life at IIT . I woke up at 11:30 in the morning and went to lab at 1:00 to find that no person of my subgroup was present and lab assistant said that do the experiment on your own and I had to do it alone which took much time than others in my group. And I was in a hurry to leave the lab early ...... What for?? I always kept stressing that I don't have time but time from 1:00 to 3:00 is reserved for lab . Either the IIT peoples have made a tedious time table or I need more time management . While doing lab I don't have time for doing lab work properly and after coming to room I don't have time to study a subject properly . This is a great problem to be analysed by me . I don't know that it is only me who has this problem or all my batchmates have similar problem but I have to find a solution to it . Main question is where does time goes . Main question is -- Should we stick to priorities or priorities should be kept in mind and recreation should also be done to keep mind fresh ??
And there's one more - the word " maggu " if one syudies a lot here he is called maggu by the peer group . And I don't know why when someone calls me maggu I just leave studying and start doing masti . I don't know why I do so show to the person that I'm not maggu .
But why do I hide ? Facts must be clear and fundaas of life must be clear ... Don't care about what every body is saying just do what is good for you .But I must be eligible enough to define what is good for me ( what is good and what is bad ?? ) .May be I will take care of my future ...

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