Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just wanna go walking down a road....



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Next .......... ??
* this question is haunting me these days
People are either good or bad for us. The neutral or the harmless ones are the best, who have no impact on our life. But here you are gambling with life, there ain't anybody who has no impact on you...I mean you either affect or get affected, and in both the cases you have to bear the changes whether for you betterment or the other way round, but change is a change...But .....excess of everything is bad, and believe me it is.
Sometimes it seems that everybody is good for you, but it does not mean you have to keep a collection of all that positive energy sources in your life. Sometimes they may even resonate, at other times there may be destructive interference, but it is all a random thing which is out of our control then.... Final aim should be to maintain a positive energy source within yourself rather than searching it in outside world. Analogous is the logic for negative enrgy souces in your life. And also keeping same number of positive and negative energy souces never brings neutralism in your life, it just captures most of your time, giving you very little time for yourself...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Sabse Peeche hum Khade.."
"Pehli Baar Mohabbat ki hai ..."
my life has changed.. !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lekin mujhe wo gum bhulana hoga,
Ho sake to dard mai bhi muskurana hoga,
Dil pe pathar rakhna hoga,
Use samjhana hi hoga,

Mohabbat cheez hi aisi hoti hai,
Chahe to kaanch se pathar tod deti hai,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meri aankho mai aansu...
tujhse humdum kya kahu,
ther jaien to angara hain,
beh jain to dariya....
Teri yaado ko sanjona chodd dia.....
Tera raasta takna chodd dia...
Socha tha bhula denge tujhe...
Par ab to ye iraada hi chodd dia...

* Written by one of my friend...sorry for copying...
tumhaari yaadon se hi mohabbat si ho gai hai .........

Friday, September 11, 2009

When someone loves you ,
and you know this too,
never play a game,
love is always the same....

Never take them for granted,
this is what no one has ever wanted,
You shall never know,
When they will go....
far far away,
where there is no way....

How hard you may try,
No matter how much you cry,
There is no market ever made,
where price for love has ever been paid......

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why do people always have to betray, and why in the hell do i need to care?
Why some days are sooo good ,that I dont mind xchaniging my rest of life for them ?
Why do I always need to recite the lines of a song I have already heard, before the singer could speak ?
Why do I sometimes feel lonely in a crowd ?
Why sometimes I feel that everybody is the same ?
Why sometimes one face appears different in the crowd ?
Why sometimes I'm ready to do anything just to achieve my weirdest dreams ?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

You just put in efforts sometime,
knowing that it is not worth a dime,

but still u never give up on hope,
though you know its gonna be a flop,

you know whats gonna be the end,
still u never agree to the trend,

you start liking, the way
you enter the fray,

you know,
it is a one way ticket to chaos,
but u think,
who does not has flaws,

anticlimax is about to be unfolded,
but alas you are coveted,

you had an arduous journey,
but it was not your destiny,

you are demented,
you are heart broken,

but there is much more to it,
your path for future has been lit,

you dilated your mistake,
which now you can't fake,

Still you gotta learn so many things,
which is difficult for other beings......

So just be happy and enjoy the fact that you got to live a human life, with so many nice people around you......

Saturday, September 05, 2009

kyu khoe khoe chaand ki firak mai udaas hai dil....
aaj haath thaam lu , ek haath ki kami khali....
feeling deprived of what I never had...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Why..why do I always care,
with so much flair,

I never ever think,
Caring without a blink,

with so much bend,
hurting myself in the end.

I find peace when m confused,
just want nobody to be rude.....

Who does not has problems in life,
But m made to solve the part that is mine,

It is really odd..
I ain't any god,

Why do I take so much pain,
When I can refrain...

Whatever it is....I dunno...
but my problem just got solved...while I was writing this
Got a much awaited call..
Will surely write again in new frame of reference on same topic..

We create laws,
then we create rules to follow those laws,
Then those rules and laws intersect,
And then we again make new laws,
Again new rules are made yet again to be conflicted with those laws....
And this circle goes on and on..................

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Our body is made of 65% water...
When it hurts, blood comes out.........
Our heart is made up of blood...
But whenever it hurts, water comes out of eyes...