Thursday, September 03, 2009

Why..why do I always care,
with so much flair,

I never ever think,
Caring without a blink,

with so much bend,
hurting myself in the end.

I find peace when m confused,
just want nobody to be rude.....

Who does not has problems in life,
But m made to solve the part that is mine,

It is really odd..
I ain't any god,

Why do I take so much pain,
When I can refrain...

Whatever it is....I dunno...
but my problem just got solved...while I was writing this
Got a much awaited call..
Will surely write again in new frame of reference on same topic..

3 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..: said...

didnt know tht iitians can oso ryt such senti poems ... may be i have to change my perspective towards thm :P

A learner said...

change your prespective...y do ppl even have a prespective..its better nt to have it... said...

hmmmm ... alryt .... perspectiv changed :)