Sunday, September 06, 2009

You just put in efforts sometime,
knowing that it is not worth a dime,

but still u never give up on hope,
though you know its gonna be a flop,

you know whats gonna be the end,
still u never agree to the trend,

you start liking, the way
you enter the fray,

you know,
it is a one way ticket to chaos,
but u think,
who does not has flaws,

anticlimax is about to be unfolded,
but alas you are coveted,

you had an arduous journey,
but it was not your destiny,

you are demented,
you are heart broken,

but there is much more to it,
your path for future has been lit,

you dilated your mistake,
which now you can't fake,

Still you gotta learn so many things,
which is difficult for other beings......

So just be happy and enjoy the fact that you got to live a human life, with so many nice people around you......

5 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

deeps said...

thats beautifully penned, but hope the writer is doing fine and happy

A learner said...

ooo yea writer is completely fine..
Its just these temporary feelings which assist me to write, and I try to be un-affected by them...

Deepika said...

So true!!

a tint of mist said...

Wondering how you turned out to be writing lengthy verses these days.
Usually it was your style to be the blogger who posts the shortest stuff..

But this one was just great..
Take care

A learner said...

Hey i always used to write large was only recently that i did start briefings... but this is my all time best...
thnx for dropping ur comment...and u too have grown into a real good writer...