Friday, February 10, 2006

First Blog.............. much awaited one 10 Feb 2006

Today is my first blog . One of my friend told me about this blog and I found it damn interesting to write a blog .
According to me writing a blog is to reveal your personal self to yourself and whoever reads it . It is only possible if you are true to yourself . When you write your first blog, the feeling is so difficult to explain . First of all I felt what will others think if they read it . And now i will use ' I ' instead of ' You ' in sentences bcause this of course refers to me not to you ( any way leave it ) . Initialy i thought blogs are written at the end of the day as a brief summary of your day but today I'm writing this very first of my blog at the start of my day . I read many blogs before writing this one and i found that blogs are a portrayal of one's personality . I got to learn many things from blogs like main fundaa of success is setting up a question for yourself and finding answer to it ......... and many more . A person can come to such a conclusion only after analysing his/her life very deeply . And according to me one way of analysing oneself is writing a blog . I'm always used to write 'You, we or .... ' in sentences which i generally write but feel of writing ' I ' in every sentence is very great . I'm refering each and every sentence to The Great Myself . ( the feeling is great ) .

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