Sunday, February 22, 2009

Since he stepped on this earth,
he had a protective cage(self made) around him,
to prevent him from being polluted,
from being affected,
from getting hurt,
from getting involved,
from being attached,
from everything,
but afterall he was human being,
like me and you are,
how can he just escape all this,
that would just be soo unfair,

Was enjoying his journey ,
in that cage ,
over the mountains of obstacles,
over the oceans of emotions,
over the lands,
 So different from his dreamy world,

The cage is wide opened,
he tried to stick to the walls,
but the cruel world would never let him,
Now he is dropped in all the puddle of emotions,
where people fight for reasons they cannot even justify to themselves,
where it is really difficult to "let go off" something,
something close to your heart,
where the rat race is so long,
but people never realize that at the end of the race they are still rats,
where life just never stops for anybody..

He is getting used to all this,
and with the passage of time will be thorough with it,
He never wants to master the skill,
but still he will try..
Which at last he and all of us can..........

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