Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It all started with an idea of walking some distances with his already broken ankle. Though sameer managed to do it in the evening, but it made him a bit tired. He had walked all around the market place and was now resting in a cafetaria. His ankle was paining a bit, pain was now conquering the realms of his muscle. But sameer was not a guy who would stand still and watch all this happen as a spectator, he knew how to fight pain, the only way is self control. And sameer was thorough with this skill. He had controlled the pain to a large extent, nobody passing by could guess from his posture and expressions that he was at all injured. He seemed like he was sitting on the extra player`s bench on a soccer field and would just run with all enthusiasm when given a chance. He had found a way to be positive with life, if you are positive towards it it would be positive for you. Many people fall down but its only the ones who rise after those falls that matter. Rest just help adding to the crowd. Now Sameer had enough energy and will power to take the next bus and reach home in time to make dinner for him. Everything seemed to be perfect, life was like all roses for him. But somehow this funny incident happened to occur to him the same night. Coz a story with all the positive things flowing in the direction of the center stage and all good things happening to the main role seems like a bollywood story. And I ain`t a bollywood script writer. I`m a normal guy who sees or interprets both ups and downs as a part of life. And deteriorations as no such things to hide.

So coming back to the incident that happened the same night. He reached home and was as usual cooking dinner for him. And was planning to watch something on the television side by side while having the pleasure to eat the delicious food cooked by none other than himself. Somehow he got struck to a movie being broadcasted ,and started actually liking it. And now he wanted to watch it till the very end. It was already 10 in the night. It would take another 2 hours for him to complete the movie. And then he had an interview at 8ò clock next morning. So he had to decide, but he did`t even think of deciding, he just went with the flow and enjoyed the movie all along. Now when it was almost quater to 12 he realised that tommorow he has to go for the interview. So as soon as the movie finished he went to sleep or rather tried doing so and convinced him for almost next 20 minutes that he has to sleep. He was almost fighting with the freshness and insomniasm (maybe due to the stress of next day's interview) which he was experiencing at the moment. But after 30 minutes of long battle involving many methodologies like chanting some mantras, thinking of his beloved, etc...etc.., sleep succeded which it always does, and he was snoring hard. But somehow he was still worried of the interview which was quiet obvious due to the subsequent happening which occured. It was 3:25 AM and there were some movements in his bed, he was disturbed by something, dunno what . But now again he was struggling with his quilt. Soon his hand came out of the quilt and straight to the desk kept adjacent to the bed, he was swinging it all over the desk probably in search of his clock. YES, he was searching the clock ,and let me tell you it is no ordinary clock. It was a circular one with no numbers engraved on it, just lines for each of the quaters. And then as he was in a sudden rush to check the time, he did check it but by mistake but thnxs to his unique clock he somehow managed to invert it by 180 degrees and ended up seeing the time as 9:05 AM instead. And he grew pale, as if he had seen a cobra hissing in front of him. He just jumped off the bed and in no time he was brushing his teeths in front of the mirror and was quiet nervous to get ready as soon as possible. As if he had got access to some magic tricks he was ready in just 10 minutes and was rushing to pack his bag and leave. As he was on his door, just to check the time according to the schedule of the bus checked the time. His hand reached in his pocket to grab his cell phone which fortunately showed the digital time and sonn he didn't even had the option to laugh at the blunder he had just commited. He didn't know what to do now. The best thing was to sleep it off and he did it .. though embaressed of himself. But remember he is a strong guy with all the will power to sustain these kind of small insults.. !!


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