Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A boy was searching for treasure in his life which he always thought he was destined to achieve. He already had found the treasure, the search was only for finding the correct way  to approach it. Finally he was in front of the gates which would open to his only treasure in life. He had passed that way many a times, but never thought of himself as worth of it. But today he was really determined to go through and have it. He would have done anything to achieve it, but what he needed today was to just demand for it, which he had feared in all these years. But he did so today. He suddenly noticed that the gate was locked, he was not prepared to have faced this fact. But he did it with courage, he wanted to climb the wall, break the rules, but what use will it be then. He wanted it honestly and was planning to come back one day when he thinks he deserves it. But suddenly god appeared, and a heavenly voice told him that he should stop craving for it, but he explained that he can´t. It is his life. God countered that nothing is impossible with human beings, though there might be many things which are impossible in the place where I live. But humans, no there is nothing which is impossible. But boy had spent his life for it so he was a little confused that he could not have been so wrong in judging his intuitions. But also he was not too fool to blame himself for this all his life. He was prepared to move on. But suddenly the heavenly voice delivered those words which would either destroy his life or can reconstruct it. The words were " You deserve more than this, BOY".... He was moved, all his life he had tried to prove himself worthy of this treasure and now he deserves more. He could not digest the fact. But whatever it is the search , the craving, the aspiration and the determination of getting that treasure itself had made him what he was today, and what ever he deserved today. So he can never forget that treasure his whole life and its image will always be there for boasting his confidence, and yeah as all humans are he will be too jealous to know if somebody has that treasure, so he better needs to cut it off from his life for now. And now he is not gonna search for any more treasures in his life coz he already had found one which he deserved, but time will tell what it has hidden for him. Maybe some new treasures.. or may be not. But life goes on... !!

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