Monday, February 16, 2009

He always knew that he could fly,
He had the wings to do so,
But he never ever did try to,
He had many mysteries hidden to himself,
His thoughts were deep,
Inspired by something,
He just wanted to break free,
Wanted to open up,
Wanted to fly,
Fly high in the air,
to which he was not used to,
to where he never belonged,
and he knew it too,
but still he jumped from the cliff,
hoping that his wings will help him fly,
It was a random flight,
He was not used to that adrenaline rush,
or may be the wings were never his,
But he could not really sustain the feeling of being held up,
He is feeling insecure,
He now wants to return to ground,
to his normal secret hidings,
to his own deep world,
where nobody can ever disturb him, not even himself,
Though he did fly really high,
And it will take time to come back,
But now he knows where he belongs,
Or at least where he does not....

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A learner said...

I had been noticing that when u write abt urself or ur normally turns out to be good..!!...;)