Saturday, February 14, 2009

So he was sure that she did not had any idea of what love is,

He could wait for ages,

But could never make her understand about love,

coz those are things to write not to explain,

When there are explanations,

there is no such thing as love,

But she was sure about her feelings,

her words were definite,

he did not click her,

His dreams were all shattered,

His confidence was down to the floor,

His understanding about everythin seemed to be wrong now,

He was not that weak a boy,

But nobody on this earth can be strong to take this coolly,

to believe that all his intuitions were false,

that he was the only one weaving the dreams,

which is incomplete without one more weaver,

his life seemed to be a one way ticket to chaos,

hope was only thing to which he has clinged all this time,

and now that support also seemed to back off,

there are moments when u have full trust on urself,

When in those moments you are betrayed by yourself,

Nobody can help you...

Nobody could ever make her understand now,

And all he could do is try and forget the past now,

Accept the fact and be content with it....

And he will be... !!

** Love is like a Jelly Fish which is soo beautiful but is the deadliest creature on earth... !!

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