Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We all do search for some true love in our life. And as is said that everyone has his\her true soulmate which you are definite to cross paths with, sometime in your life. It  just takes some common sense to notice it. But noticing is the first thing, rest is just destiny. But most of my friends who say that they have found the love of their life, their true soulmate, I find them most of times either complaining about something or the other. Or they are just pretending it. 

But isn´t it true that when we are seeking for our soulmate, we are searching for someone who understands us, will stand by us even at the time of crisis, will feel the same we feel. We are basically looking for the other part of our soul, which has been lost somewhere between the crowd, and when we find it, we can just relate to it. Feel like it, be one with it. But why just push it with somebody whom you are not happy with, basically you are destroying two families which could have been living happily. But at this stage most of us think that where will we go and find all that we sacrificed for her. We shud rather think that at least we did not end up sacrificing everything, we realized at the correct time. Just move on and search somebody who is worth of all your sacrifices but still won´t demand for any, who is content with all your shortcomings.

Had been searching for some face which would be familiar, never realized that the most unknown face was mine, seems like all mirrors had been laughing at me and now I met myself....

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