Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Understaanding... someone... someone close... !!

I dont know if it happens to me or to everybody, but for me it happens and it is now that m realising it. Wenever I try to understand someone, understand how he/she behaves which we all generally do in process of getting close to somebody (and I get close to everyone very soon), I just try and see my image in that person and in the process I try and understand myself rather. Even if I cannot find that image I thrive hard to find it and somehow in some or other act of that person I find it. And the moment that image is fully highlighted, my belief is fullfilled, though I might be thinking that I`m getting to understand that person well but that might not be the truth. Its just that stressing on lie again and again makes it truth. But this is not how we should understand somebody, or just never try and understand. OR as my friend truly says " I`m free of all the prejudices. I hate everyone equally "..

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