Friday, January 09, 2009

What is Love ... !!

Recently I saw the much awaited (though it was released earlier, it was awaited to be watched in a Cinema, which I did recently)movie - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and contradicting my expectations I did not like the movie that much, maybe I just had seen Ghajini before this, and that was much more appealing than this. Once again has it happened with me, now Asin (the actress in Ghajini) in ghajini seems to be the ideal girl for my life, but this will keep on changing, till one day I find her and realise all my dreams and xpectations about her were so dim and look all fading away in from of her, coz she will be like sunshine... Neway this all can wait.. !!
But there is one thing in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which made me write this, and I cannot resist myself more. It is the moment when Anushka Sharma ( acting as "Tanni") appologises to Surender Sahini that she cannot love him, she has no more love in her heart to give to some other person.. She also quotes that it always hurts in Love.. !! I just somehow wanted to discuss these two so called "dialogues"... !!
Firstly she says that it always hurts in love, I have to say that when somebody is in love than he/she is above all these feelings of getting hurt and rejoicing... There is nothing like that, people cry when their loved ones depart and call that as the pain of love, but it isn't like that, true love is something which helps you evolve, helps you to discover yourself, and when you have that you have eternity and than it is not an obligation for you to be with your lover, you can always feel her from far away and that would be enuff, there is no such thing as "pain" when you acquaintance True Love..
Secondly she has to say that she has no more love left in her heart to give to the new person in her life, or she wants to say that she is all broken up to start a new love again. Contrary to this according to me love is something else. When it happens it never has to take a long time, though the acceptance and surrender may take some time, but love, love is always there. It is something which gives birth to you again on this earth, you are born again, you love everything again, and unlearn the old things. All the earlier existence of your personal life does not matter any more.. It is something which helps you see more of yourself both inside and outside, it is a divine feeling, both loving and to be loved. So saying that there is no more love left is meaning less, coz love is no such thing which you give to others it just takes place and gives you everything it has.. And for true love to exist, to flow inside your heart you must first free your heart of all other things, and then you will experience it.

Though in the end she admits her love for Surender Sahni and is loved by him, but all through the movie her attitude towards him is according to me some exaggeration of the fact. I mean she could also have act normal, after so many days had passed..

Neway jo bhi hai ,this is all I had to say on the movie, not particularly on the movie but on the thoughts.. But life goes on as it always has to, and you cannot find reason and meaning for everything in life. But most of your acts should all be reasoned, and then it would be in best of your interest.. !!

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