Friday, January 23, 2009

I was walking normally, then somehow some adrenaline rush pushed me to run, I dont know for whom. But in seconds i found myself running to get to the train station, though I didn't had to catch any train. But I was running. I was on the stairs, going down really fast. I tried skipping 2 steps at a time. And suddenly on the last step, *crunch*crackle*, goes my ankle.I almost missed a series of heart beats. It was my left ankle. I already had injured my right one last year. It was paining like something, I wanted to cry but couldn't , coz m an adult and adults don't cry. Pain was getting into my head, I was almost shivering with pain. I sat down on the floor, with foot in my hand (dunno y, it always is a relief to hold it in hand), and I did not want to believe that it was happening for real. I was praying to god, may it be one of the wierd dreams of mine. But it was reality, and ankle was swollen llike something. And it was getting warm also. I had a hint that something serious had happened. But I did not want to believe all this, as that night I had to go Ice Skating and I would not be able to go, niether wud I be able to go sking for entire month. And thinking all this I was literally laughing, I mean I had to go ice skating and ankle twisted, even arm could have twisted but it did not. (I Thank God for that). And most important thing I did not what to do next, I did not had any mobile, and swiss people are so insecure that they would not help you in such a situation. I was just thinking of options when my friend Raj appeared out of the blues. It was really a mind freshning xperience. Now a days I have stopped expecting anythingfrom friends (coz it never helps). But he was nice enought to help me move and took me to the hospital which unfortunately was closed. Then he accompanied me to my home and stayed with me and helped me as much as he could. Next day, the swelling was still there. It seemed serious, I went to the hospital straight. There I had to wait for almost 30 minutes. And when I was inside the ward, Raj was all the time waiting outside. It was soo nice of him. How can someone be so rude to that guy ?, I imagined at that time !! After some time, he left as he had to attend a meeting, then I had my xray done, and yipee there was no bone injury but the ligament had been torn, and doctors told me that they will apply some support. and I had to wait to get it done, but the wait was long. And suddenly a friend of mine appeared there also, she was in hospital for some reason, but talking to someone while sitting in waiting room of hospita, wiith all german magazines and newspapers around to read always helps, believe me !!And the support which they then applied to my foot was so innovative, I mean its rigidity can be adjusted according to the user. And the hospital staff was also very nice. For the first time Hospital did not seem to me a deprsessing place,I was no more afraid of hospitals . Then I was given crutches to walk.
I have plaster in my leg, crutches in my hands,
I look like I belong to some nasty gang,
walking all the way with a limp in the foot,
looking at all the people wearing their boot,
Cursing my luck is not gonna help any more,
Coz there aint anybody who is responsible for,
whatever I had been suffering,
its all my own earning,
But I guess I must thank all who had been there,
To give all their help and care,
I feel so lucky today,
for having so many "friends" , to say..... !!

2 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

Maverick said...

Imagine Batraji walking in plasters, kasam se bahut tashan chaal hogi:)...I missed the fun!!

About Raj I think I know, in your own words, he is the TV without remote, but who is dis gal...and tat too german....I think I am smelling smething or may be your every story has a gal:P

Jokes apart get well soon buddy...after all to rise and fall to laga hi rahta hai:)

A learner said...

arre yes sir ji, girna uthna to laga hi rehta hai...iske bina life mai maza hi kya hai... And yes you are correct in your speculations about Raj, and this gal is not german, but she is for real.. !!