Thursday, January 22, 2009

We living beings breathe to be alive. We are so much dependent on the air. We talk of so many emotions, so many things on "To Do" list, so many people to meet daily. But we never ever say that I want time to breathe some air. This is considered as a essential process and is always left on auto-pilot. From the moment we have breathed in the air for the lungs till the moment we start exhaling it, that tiny moment of time, is the duration we live ,rest is merely a following of rule. Sometimes when we are thinking of somebody close or we are having some good thoughts in our mind ,we almost miss a heartbeat and the breathing process slows down and the duration for which air stays inside increases, and gives us a fresh feeling. Opposingly when we are angry we breathe rapidly thus decreasing that duration. So we should always keep good thoughts in our minds..!!

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