Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The new year so far has not opened any new presents for me. But wait a second, why do we all run for the presents to be opened, but never care for searching those presents in life.. We all want god to show us the presents and we should just be present there as a Chief Guest for our own Welfare Party and cut the ribbon and get all the favour.. Y have we all become so demanding, may be it is God's Fault that he has timely fullfilled our desires and we are addicted to that routine and cannot think of getting out of our bed early in the morning and go for search of what brings happiness to us... We might do all the things which people around us think are desirable and look good on us, but few of us listen to what heart says and do as it recites.. I guess its enough to listen to it, that also takes much of effort and makes us conscious enough to watch our actions.. But we should always do as our heart wishes than it will take us more closer to god and help us find the presents god has reserved for us, and then opening them would be a great feeling.. !!
Other than this New Year has been good for me, coz I guess there is nothing other than this.. ;)....

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