Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Encounter with the Devil

Devil is something which has done its part with the evil things and wants to spread it to others. It can be some thought some person, some demonstration or any damn thing for that matter. In my case it was a thought, or rather a series of thoughts.

I was just thinking that we are all evil by nature, its just we are good under some circumstances or rather I shud say under some forces or bindings. Just looking around ourselves, waiter is serving in the restaurant with all the enthusiasm not because he likes cooking food or likes to know about food, but because otherwise he would be thrown out of his job, students are trying hard to score well not because they like their subject but because they are not bold enough to face their parents with less marks, players play well in a team not because they love the game, everybody does, but the main reason is that if they don`t somebody else will be taken instead of them.  We all try and live our dreams because if we don`t somebody else will. We all have many thoughts in our mind, but we follow any one of them not randomly but because of some bondage, some pressure from our inner self. And if it is not there, we are free there would be a chaos. But then what is freedom, why do we call ourselves free.. These few questions on some idol weekend provoked some evil thoughts in me.. But this cant get the best of me.. I`m away from all this now

∗ -this all could have been in form of fiction but today I was too lazy to do that .. :)

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