Sunday, January 11, 2009

Child Hood, the best part!!

When ever I see a small child smiling or laughing as they do without any care, my heart just rejoices, as if that is the best moment for me in my life. Really childhood is the best part of our life, though adulthood is important. As pre-supposed we do whatever we wanna do in life as a child. We laugh, we cry when we want to we get what we want to and what not, we do whatever small mind of ours can think of !!
But I was just wondering that when a small child crawls on the floor he wants all his freedom to go anywhere, for him nothing is an hurdle, nothing is delicate, nothing is brittle in his way, nothing can hurt him. But his parents out of concern just prevent him from going to place where he has a slightest chance of getting hurt, getting lost or something like that. But to child’s brain this all might seem like a hurdle, or maybe he does not has any definition for hurdle, but when he again tries to go to the same place when there is no restriction, it seems that he considers them as hurdles. And still after facing so many hurdles to his major of the acts he takes everything as a new lesson in life and never reacts negatively to anything, accepts everything , either with a smile or with a momentarily cry. But that learning phase of a child is the most appealing for me.. !!

Neway we cannot re-live the childhood we have lived, all we can do is have those beautiful memories always with us to keep up our confidence. And learn from all the children around us..:)

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Salina Inzaghi said...

of course the child knows of hurdles, but it's those hurdles that pushed the child to try harder.
determination to achieve the objective, we lack that the older we grow. what happened along the way? too much physical strain on our slowly deteriorating body?

A learner said...

Really nice and optimistic way of putting it.. I like it ..:)