Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He always used to think,
that whatever he thinks,
wherever he walks,
whatever other people make him feel,
whatever he talks,those are all what is real,
but he was wrong,
he was totally blinded,
now he cannot blame on any one person,
the only person he can blame now is he himself,
but there was one person,one real part in his life,
for which he wanted to be mad forever,
the part which always seemed to be so pure,
he felt pride in that feeling,
but now when that part also seems to betray,
its all so ugly,
that he himself does not wanna talk abt it,
he regrets chosing some one else as his pure part,
that part and role should have been played by himslef,
then it would not be as bad,
but who does not FALL,
it only matters to rise after all that falls...

There are many different independent universes in this world. Like fishes swim in water, and birds fly in air, both in their independent universes. Birds always keep wandering that how do fishes swim so deep, and similarly fishes wander that hw would birds just spread their wings and fly up above so high. But these questions dont have any answers in theier respective universes, still they exist. Those questions never stop being raised, and always there are some bridges between the known and unknown , which make it all possible. In a more polite, refined language we call those bridges as magic. we all have many unknown questions about life, about love, about many unknown things, but for no sane reason we have those questions still searching for answers in our known terrirtories or waiting for some magic to take us to those unknown territories to find the answers. Those bridges can be anything, for some they are people, someone special, for some they can be books, talks with somebody, can even be a small expression of face. You just have to find for those bricks and make ur bridge and finally its not the age of lord ram, where you just throw the rock in water with their name and it floats. You also have to apply some clay, cement on the bricks to make a bridge out of them..Some people finish their life searching for these answers and ignoring all those magical bridges in their life, so never ignore on any point just go with the flow and never think that u r soo special to be gifted with all the bad luck on this world, that wud b just soo unfair, u r also like a common and natural human with some flaws and some strong qualities.. God is never unfair, nor are the circumstances, its just our understanding of them.. !!


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