Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pretending Syndrome

This is some kind of a disease which conciously or subconciously we get infected by ,some time or other. And it is unique of its kind, with symptoms spread all over your personality from body language to talks and so simple to read. Its symptoms can be guessed by anybody who is not even qualified to be a doctor. But the beautiful thing is that nobody can be a doctor to this infectious disease, as soon as one reads the symptoms they either get transfered or never get conveyed to the patient. So finally the patient never heals till he/she stands in front of a mirror. And it is not that simple, because some mirrors might be stained or some might even not be mirrors (just pretending to be one). So its all very complex. But there is only one solution to this disease which you will find as you go through the passage.

You can fake it through the day, but at the end you can never fake yourself. Just take this as a law of universe, coz if not daily someday u will have to stand in front of mirror or your subconcious will never allow you to live life peacefully.
He was just standing in front of me looking at all those crazy people who were just mad enough to make nasty noises during the middle of the night. Look on his face was obvious, he could not tolerate them, though he himself did not know the reason. He was giving such a look that he wanted to go home and be at peace with himself. Suddenly he broke the silence in not so silent surroundings and bursted " What the hell is this ?"... We are all descent group of citizens, how can we let this happen. Though he was talking all this, but somewhere everybody listening to him knew that how much he wanted to be a part of this crowd, but he would not. Because he just thinks that it is beyond his respect . So all the passion and energy which he otherwise would have used to be a part of the crowd was now diverted to just random thoughts and talks which did not really had any meaning. You are basically telling yourself how coward you are .. so better stop pretending today itself and spread your wings, hold the paint brush, paint the skies blue, red, yellow, green and all the colours you imagine and just fly ... !!

If you look into the crowd there was a person who was dancing like crazy. He was just talking and when people were not interested in his talks all he was doing was dance. And he was dancing with his eyes closed. It all look so inspirational and beautiful. But go a little closer, his talks just did not had any meaning, he was just talking to keep the conversation alive and take the command of topics in his hand. And while he was dancing , though with eyes closed all the time, he did opened them at regular intervals to look at people and guess what they might be thinking, seemed like he had some sixth sense. But it was clear from all this that he was pretending to be enjoying this. It was clearly visible like a moon in the dark sky. He might be trying his best to hide it but could not really succeed. Whenever you are not what you really are, you are pretending a false image, you are trying to be someone else, its so transparent that even a person with sun glasses in the dark can easily guess, so better be what you are , coz u r best at pretending to be yourself rather than somebody else. And that is your only strength and is always appreciated, though other images might seem to be attractive, but just stick to yourself coz after all it is you who is living in this world, who has got the oppurtunity to live in such a beautiful world, to live among such lovely people, to feel such abstract emotions, to dance your heart out.

So start living yourself and return back home rather than wondering in the woods searching for different masks to wear..

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life "

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