Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today I was just having a nice conversation with one of my seniors at company. It was raining here in Switzerland, and I was quiet liking it. I was out without an umbrella, and was all excited to walk in the rain, and for that reason I had come to work in sandals today to feel the water on my feet. And I was walking the similar way with him while we were going for lunch. We had conversations on many topics ranging from politics, religion, India, India and India. I don’t know why, though there are many Indians in the building but when it comes to talking about India, every one does come to me. I would never understand it. But finally the topic came to rain. And I could guess from his face that he was curious to know that how do I like the rain so much. I was the only one without umbrella that day I guess. And finally he came up with the question: “ Why do you like rain so much ?”.. I had never thought on it much. Do we generally think, I mean when we love something, we never justify it to ourselves, we just do. But I dunno why, I wanted to think on these lines, lines less travelled, path less taken. And spontaneously I came up with so many reasons:
In India we generally don’t have that good drainage system, I mean we have at many places but it rains so much and people are too greedy to work with full dedication that usually we have water puddles and water gathered at places. So during rains we have holiday and we used to just run out of home playing all day long, making paper boats in water, splashing water, playing cricket and what not. Then I told him about the special smell of the rain in India, because it just makes the dust to settle down and they create such a soothing smell, which I so much miss here. Then I came out with many incidents and reasons, which did prove that I should like rain. It was really mind freshening to remember all this. Finally I came up with an argument, which I myself I don’t know how did it come, but I said that “If there was no rain we people could never eat in India”, coz after all it’s the monsoon which helps the farmers to nourish their farms and come up with majority of what we eat daily. So whenever it rains we have a reason to celebrate. But I was just wondering that did I ever know this when I was a kid. The only thin I knew was that food came out of kitchen, and nowhere else. Still I exuberated when it rained. But looking at the broader picture all these random reasons are linked somewhere or the other to each other. When monsoon comes, more knowledgeable people like our parents and teachers who knew that food came from the soil, were really happy when it rained, and we had all the freedom to do anything. And it is interlinked in a way that elder people generally think of their childhood when it rains, the times when they were a kid and they were also happy for the reason mentioned earlier. So for this reason also , to feel that happiness again , we kids are allowed to do anything. So consciously or subconsciously everything around us has an impact on how we behave, how we react, how we talk, how we walk, how we celebrate.. It is all interrelated. But if you go more deeper, you can find billions of interrelated matrices filled with reasoning enough to question even our existence..
So better be away from all this, and just accept life as it is !!Truly remembering the past, the better part is always mind freshening , rest part of the memory we either ignore or we never really remember.

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