Saturday, October 24, 2009


When you are near,

She cannot bear,

You are amused,

she is confused,

Can also be rude,

But "Dontcha worry dude",

This is what you hear,

From your own tears,

Relationship is boring,

Distances are growing.....

She finds a replacement,

Is happy with the effacement,

Now she is sure,

This is what she is meant for,

Suddenly she realizes,

She is in a crisis,

She has no fear,

Because her mind is clear,

She is not happy now,

Misses everything now,

All that she can recollect,

From the time she spent,

With the contrite tears in eyes,

She wishes "If he could mine",

Clouds are thundering and it rains,

She is confused again,

Thinks it is all in vain....

"She finds peace,

When she is confused..... !! "

P.s : Please do not consider it as generalization... there always exist exceptions....

1 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

Antarman said...

exactly the same thing we discussing many girls dont realise the value of what they have, but I am hundred percent sure that once they loose it and then after some years they will regret it, but to no avail and in the process harming many people.