Tuesday, August 04, 2009

There is a guy ... there is a girl....he gave himself to her at her first "hello".. Its like he holds his heart right away in his hand and wants to give it to the girl, but all this is his imagination..Lets go to the feminine side of the relationship too.. Girl has noticed the boy and finds him interesting which she finds just everybody else who is inquisitive,very serious or whoever she cannot get to understand...!!
Finally both get to meet each other, exchange good words and even so that they sit together. Boy's heart is pumping blood like crazy to do everything to impress the girl, but his expressions, his words, and none of his actions reflected the scene inside his heart. He was maintaining his calmand acting as descent as possible, the reason best known to the gods of love. All went well, boy was like approaching quiet close to his dream, and girl was quiet honestly solving the doubt in her mind about the nature of boys and more precisely about Love. But the boy was as all say blind in his love for the girl to not to notice all this solution and inquisition process. Also the girl was getting quiet interested in her quest and as time passed by they were coming close to each other.
But girl was coming close to her solution, and boy to his dream. Questions have a short life span as compared to a dream. He just continued to "pile up" his dreams and expectations. But one day, the girl had to find her solution, and that day came. But the twist is that girl found her answer through this guy, but started loving somebody else, and could never again love this guy. And she was about to convey this to the boy. But he was too much engrossed in his thoughts and dreams that girl was quiet afraid to tell him about her feelings. So she simply left him and never returned back.
Now the boy has decided to sleep and never get up. He has quit eating drinking and everything a normal human being does daily. Even the death gods are afraid to wake him up now. Coz if he wakes up he will start unsucessfully searching for his soulmate everywhere...and sleep again when tired...

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