Monday, September 01, 2008

PERFECT......... :)
Time is new,
Words are few,

But feelings are true,

Here I am trying to convey

My feelings towards you.

"I love you", is a 3 word sentence,

Which I understood when i met you.

I don't know why I love you,

Maybe cause I love your appealing eyes,

Or maybe

you look like the princess of my dreams,


I love you because you're a fantastic speaker,

Or maybe

I love you for the way you make me feel,

For reasons are many,

But still I am not sure of any!

I smile often,

Remembering the time we spent with each other,

I check my mails over and over again,

Hoping to see your mail.

I dream about you

Wishing that someday it would all be true

I don't know how to say

As I said words are few,

And I can never express what I feel about you!
The world is moving,

But my time is still.

I just want to say,

That you are always in my thoughts,

Always in my dreams,

The letter might end,

But my love will never.

So today i propose to you,

With my heart beating faster and faster,

With my eyes waiting for a glimps of you,

With a hope you'd say yes,

Will you be mine forever in the happy and hard times?

And in sickness and joy....

Oh my dear,

Will you be mine forever and ever.....


Hope you'll understand what I just said,

In short, accept my proposal or your dead...

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Anesha said...

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A learner said...

Thats really good and nice update from your side..But apparently m not a medical student or never aspired to be one coz of the fact m afraid of blood shed..:( Neway thnxs.. !!