Monday, September 08, 2008


1) I was just realizing these days that:
The wishes for which we perspire the most in life are seldom achieved or are achieved after too much changes and adjustments that we either don't value it or we have some other challenge going on in our mind... And sometimes in life if we forget them and stop fighting for them, we realize how easy it was to achieve them...It is a vicious circle. But should we stop trying...NO. It is no solution. And "solution" is not a correct word as it is no problem. It is a fact of ilfe, which we should get used to asap! We should think of it as we are getting results of our efforts but not in time..
And always keep this in mind that your efforts are never wasted.... though hard to digest.. But digest it raw as it is..........don’t think on it...

2) Habits
I'm a person who interacts with people more than myself, though to people who know me the vice-versa might seem to be true... But seriously I have never really sat with myself to discuss about me... I just think about people in my life, which is not bad, but former should be given priority... But to this also I have found a way. I keep on telling people that my life is hell.etc….I pretend as a loser. So people keep on giving me advices. So in solace when I think of all the people and their thoughts, I basically am thinking about myself. But this is no way man!!
I need to change this because we are what we pretend to be, and eventually I have started seeing myself as a loser, so what started as a self-realization plan is converting into a self-destruction plan. I should STOP it as soon as possible... I also want to be free and want to smile at every thing that happens to me, be it a failure or success I do it in my mind but cannot reflect it ... as I have to pretend as a loser. Today I'm breaking this vicious circle around me and will be free...
P.S: This might be over-exaggeration of the fact, but the reality is something like this!

3) 100 %
I perfectly know how to play the game but winning is not my cup of tea...
As stated, I make my effort towards making of the battle field, bringing arms to the battle field and even forming a big army enough to defeat anyone and anything, but I stop after it, I don’t know how to lead, or the fact is I know it but don’t want to do it as I want to pretend as a loser.... But this is no use.... because.
There is no list of fighters who fight in a battle; only leaders are counted
also " Winning matters, nothing else."

4) Emotions
I easily give up to people, who I think are good at heart. But the truth is I don’t know how to judge the people, I judge them only after I have experienced them.... But I think rather than thinking so much on this topic I should just go on, and neglect the emotions and be emotionless.... But m a human and that too Piscean so cannot help, but fall prey of worldly emotions again and again...Will learn with time... :)