Monday, September 29, 2008

To you I say, meet me in the eye of the storm and together we will steer this mess in another direction. Jump into the storm. Do not stand on the sidelines too lazy and scared to do anything about all of the ugliness going on around you. Jump into the storm. Swim and fight your way to the center of the vortex. There we will sit together in the quiet and find the solutions……………..
Why do people always choose the safest way? The bold and courageous people are always praised, but have we ever pondered they are only supported after they have achieved something, but while they are dong it, their thoughts are never appreciated…this is the Irony of our so-called “society”. A person has to be bold enough to think differently and the good work doesn’t ends here, he/she has to be strong enough to act on it. “ To think out of the box”, and “to stand out of the box” are totally different ball games. This face of society has many reasons. Why do we make ourselves dependent on others, why cant we just let go and instead of attaching to people we should learn to get along with them. Why do we give society so much importance…. Having some time alone is not at all bad, and it should be rather appreciated. Because “Even the tiniest of the stars shine in the dark”, so it is not only the sunshine we should love, darkness has its own benefits…
I just want to stress upon the independent thought…Do we have an independent thought or not? In general children follow the paths of elder ones, and whatever thoughts or fresh ideas they have are buried either due to the force of society or their own observations around. But these ideas need to be dug up again, coz if they are not, we might lose them. Most of the people do what they see others do, and most of the ideas are inspired by the acts of others. Their independent thought is inspired by others and not by the free mind… The fact is that everybody has the capability to have as creative ideas as possible; it just depends on the space and time given. So why snatch that space from ourselves, let the ideas grow and build the future we are hoping for……..

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