Monday, December 29, 2008

I dunno if it happens with everybody but it does with me..
When m too close to get what I had always dreamt of, I just give up. I mean some give up unknowingly that they are soo close , and they give up coz all their passion has been exhausted.. But for me I can visualise me gettin what I had always longed for.. Still I don't wanna get to it, dont wanna end it. May be I get too much involved in the way to it and like the journey more than the destination, and slow down my pace to enjoy the journey to its fullest.. Or may be when m too close I think that m not worthy of it, I do not deserve it, I just somehow ignore all the effort I had put in to get to it.. Though I know that I just a need a last stroke and it would be mine.. Sometimes I'm led to think that once I get it my life would be aimless.. !!
I dunno wat it is, whether it is me who always is caught in this dillema, but I need to find an answer to it.. Or maybe I know the answer and the solution too, but I soo much enjoy the ambiguity that I wanna remain the same way.....

But this is how my life is.. And I just LOVE it !!!

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