Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Few people choose editing as a profession. More often, the professionof editing chooses them.
In one sense, everyone edits.
Writers who revise even one word in a manuscript have started editing their work.
A speaker who pauses in mid-sentence to find a better word or phrase, a manager who revises an instruction or restates a policy, a secretary who clarifies a sentence in someone else's dictation is, for the moment, an editor.
Though it has only one purpose: to improve the quality of communication: editing is a highly specialized profession.

Most editors deal with words; some work with pictures, design,production, or management.
I have this habit of pointing out mistakes, I just can never ignore the mistakes in a newspaper, could never ignore the discrepancies I found in my mathematics textbook. I'm some one who you could call a perfection freak which at most of the times has unfortunately worked against me but still I like to stick to this habit of mine.
As an experience for the current post I have been writing blogs since 2006 which have been highly appreciated among my peer group. Also I was co-editor and the one who launched a separate magazine for Civil Engineering Department, IIT Delhi in 2007. Then to add to my experience I had been a part of the team to work on our departmental website of IIT Delhi during my under-graduation.

I completely know that as an editor I will simultaneously be serving the publication's best and least informed readers. And I can assure that I will surely add value to existing Newletter through my own experience as well by learning from my co-workers.

** P.S: Speech I gave at elections for post of Gradnew Editor for Graduate Representative Organization, JHU

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u r simply swesome.m ur admirer