Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just For You……………..

Disclaimer: Relating the following story to any incident or any character in real life is a completely punishable offense .....

This is a story of a man called Sayed. This guy is from Assam and lets go back some years in his life.

Sayed is born to a poor family, a really poor family and after birth of Sayed their main time is devoted to him. Seeing him play with anything he finds like a toy in the house is a daily ritual for them.They occasionly even buy him a gift , once a month. Like all the parents they do everything to keep him happy……..Ohh you (if anybody reads my blog )might be thinking that this is what is obvious and this story is crap…..Everybody expects something unusual to happen to make the story interesting. If everything goes on smoothly it is not believable, because every person on this earth has gone through tough times …………here comes the irony…How we all curse the bad times in our lives, and just love to read the same in a story or watch in a movie…they just thrill u. Shahrukh Khan crying in a movie for his departing girl friend is probably the scene everybody appreciates in a movie… Now I’m not here to discuss about this.

Now I will continue the story…and yes it is not a usual one..

Now Sayed is a young boy and goes to a good school ( his parents have managed to pay the fees of the school somehow, by working overtime or anything ), but they will not let their child suffer..just because of the fact that they don’t want him to lead the life they are living. They will do every possible thing in the world to make their child capable enough to standalone and face the challenges alone. And this is what they can do, but everything depends upon him. Sayed is also an intelligent guy and performs well in the school .Now he has a dream to become a soldier. His parents obviously don’t want their child to go away from them, but they are supporting him for whatever he tries to achieve in his life and will forever do. And now comes the time for Sayed to write the entrance test for military..Ohh about his school days..there was no special event to discuss about here..He is now just a day less than the enterance xam for military and parents are just fully supporting him.The deemed day has come..and he is writing the exam and writing it with full confidence. There seems to be no stress in his mind. It seems he is writing to top the exam. His parents standing out are just praying to god to give him strength to pass the exam….all the tension can be seen on their foreheads…But sayed is as cool as ice. Now I’ll not go in more details. He just comes out of the examination hall and parents are all excited to hear that their child has fared well in the exam. He tells that he has done it well. Now he is just free. And not like normal students, he just watches movies of soldiers, and read newspaper..and all that stuff during his vacations.And after one month here comes the result. Result shoul be out by 8, and everybody is at the internet café to see the result.Website is busy..time is just flying.it is 8:30 now and people have still not known about their result. Some students are frustrated. But Sayed is just standing as still as the ocean.no tension, no worries.He is just waiting for the result.And after a wait of 15 more minutes…which were like a year for all other students website is activated. Everybody is zealed to see his result. The feeling is unexplainable. After a 2 minute more wait it is the turn of Sayed. From all the students who have checked their result till now..ont one has qualified.Now the shopkeeper asks for the roll number.Sayed gives his roll number.He enters it…and here comes the result……………..

Sayed has qualified the exam..This is the moment he will never forget in his life. He is very happy today, runs back homes and informs his parents about this, he justs lifts his mother in air. All are so thrilled, but his mother also has this constant fear that after a month his boy will be gone. But they are enjoying the present. There are celebrations at home, and all the blessings and well wishes from around the world are coming for Sayed. He is just ……………( cannot explain in words ) . He has achieved his dream.

Now after about a month, comes his time to depart. He has cleared all the physical etc…..an is now going for training.He has packed his bag. All are standing at the railway station. HE just stands tall above the rest at the railway station and his parents are proud of him. His mother is just somehow trying to stop her tears to come and saving them for the time when he will not be here. His face is shining like a sun. Here comes the train shunting. Sayed gets on the train. His parents are advicing him to find a seat close to window. Train waits only for two minutes at the station. And now it blows the whistle and is ready to take a son far away from his parents…They are waving hands to him happily ..And as soon as the train is gone Sayed’s mother bursts oout and cries……….

Now Sayed is in the college and goes through all the training successfully…( I’ll not xplain all that ) But now he has become a soldier an is placed somewhere in Kashmir. Here starts the real story…

He is very young..just 20 .In Kashmir he is placed in the residential area which is a relief for him as he gets to see many faces daily, which is otherwise difficult for soldiers.placed elsewhere…Anyway time goes on. Here in the residential area he daily watches an old women, and a girl who helps her cross the street and then just runs for her college. Next day he goes to the old women and helps her cross the road before arrival of the girl. When the girl comes and sees all this, she is just impressed by the soldier and thanks him. And now the girl has enough time to catch the bus to her college. This becomes a habit, sayed daily helps the old women cross the road. And one day the girl comes to sayed and gives him an invitation letter for a dinner at her house. He accepts the invitation. And goes for the dinner. At the dinner he sits with the girl .And the girl is like…watching him all the time, she tell him about the different dishes on the table…Sayed is just busy in eating the tasty food after such a long time. After the dinner Sayed thanks the girl’s mother for such a delicious food. Then he asks the name of the girl…” it fatima ”, she tells. Fatima walks with him to the door and says bye to him..and tells him to meet tommorow. Now they start meeting daily…( how small love story naa …kya karun time nahi hai ) And the gradually they start loving each other…..And after about a year or so, Sayed is placed somewhere else( Bangladesh border) and he cant even take fatima with her, as they have not informed their parents about this.

Now Sayed is in Bangladesh and all he has is a picture of fatima, which he always keeps close to his heart. ( you see when love comes, parents are nowhere in the story ) Anyway life goes as usual for sayed, but he is missing fatima a lot and same is the case on fatima’s side.

Now its been 1 year in Bangladesh and here comes a case of terrorist encroachment and there are many arrests and one of the criminal is a girl and Sayed is made incharge of her. It is his duty to force the committer to confess her crime. He enters the jail and is fully taken aback to see that the girl is fatima, his breath is taken away. It took him a minute to come back to normal. But he performs his duty and forgets all past relations for a while. He just asks her again and again that why did she do this ? and she keeps on repeating that she is not responsible for this, Sayed becomes strict and even beats her. He didn’t let anyone know that he had a relation with her. She is now even barred from meals. She is just starving to death. Sayed still has love for her in his heart, and secretly goes to her jail and offers her some food.At this very moment sayed is spotted by his officer. And he comes to know about his relation with the girl. The very next day, fatima is being dragged in the corridors and is being taken somewhere else by some soldiers. Sayed is totally confused about this and inquires what is going on? He is told by the officer that Fatima is to be executed today and Sayed will do this task. He cannot understand what is going on…

Now he is given a gun and his lover is in front of him, he is being forced by the officer to just shoot…….

He shoots but not fatima , he shoots the officer and straight into the head.Then he even shoots his leg,and gives the gun to fatima and asks her to run for life. And tells that he will explain that the girl stole the gun , shot the officer, injured me and ran. At this very moment fatima cannot decide what to do, but being wise she ran. She was worried about Sayed, and was praying to god to save him….and there she ran ..and ran ……and ran……….

And now 5 years have gone and Sayed has given away his job, and just has a photo of Fatima in his hand,and searching for the girl all over the world.There is just this hope which is keeping him alive……..

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