Thursday, November 20, 2008

Das Vidaniya

This is no movie review, neither am I any movie critic to do so. But this movie is one of the movie which touched me. It just grabbed my heart and pumped it, made it beat faster, it glued my eyes to it. Though I was not at all sentimental during the movie. But had a great feeling after watching it. Many of us including me spend the life being an introvert pretending to be an extrovert sometimes. And for me the scene is even worst, I cannot even pretend to be an extrovert for long. I give up to the worldly emotions. But the main concept is to be an extrovert to yourself, you should be clear what you want in life, and for me that is peace. I had written something similar earlier, so don't feel like writing it again.
But the main funda is to be true to yourself, and not be lost in the race soo much that we lose focus from the aim. Its true there are no beginnings and no ends, but the momentary starts and ends really matter in life, those small journey which add up to the bigger round trip (coz we come back from where we started) called life are also important.We can achieve almost anything we want in life, it just depends on the choice we make. But we are so much lost in it that we forget to make the choices.

The second good thing I liked in the movie is that he[main lead] can achieve all the elementary things without any trouble, but when it comes to his closed ones it is all a different ball game. He is too much hurt that he wants to commit suicide. So emotions are delicate things, and treat them as one, don't play with them.

Finally to summarize, life is a journey in which we have to walk alone, and we don't know of the destination, but we have to enjoy the trip, and make sure we don't miss anything. Some spend their life searching for the end results, till they experience it, some are lost in the way so much that they never even have the chance to experience the journey. Also love is an important ingredient of life.If you have someone to walk with you on the path of life, the journey becomes more sweet, enjoyable and less tiring. I define love as a Car, which helps travel miles on the road of life, the luxury of car varies from person to person. But the main problem is some people spend their life searching for a driver, and never look for the car. The beautiful thing is that once you get into this car it never needs to be repaired or fueled. It just goes on till you have the driver :).And last but not the least, truly there are hurdles, there are setbacks, but why behave as a stranger to your own life. Face it and get away with it. Spread happiness, be a little selfish in making the life you are living in, more happier and merrier. And also if you start critically thinking of anything you can find faults in each and every damn part of life, and if you start thinking like this you can never live life, can never walk on the road. So stop judging, start accepting !!If you can do something for it, do it right away, but never judge..
Walk with your feet on ground and head held high in sky. The empty road is looking towards you and wanting you to traverse it happily !!


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