Sunday, November 09, 2008

Words matter....

I used to be the person to whom words never mattered. It used to be the feelings which I valued the most...Used to have those abstract communications with people and keep on thinking that there is no communication gap.. But recently I have realized that words really matter, but if there are no feelings and only words, somehow, someday it would be caught as a fake, and should never be pursued.. But if there are feelings, they should necessarily be accompanied by nice words, otherwise all goes in vain, it is not worth it.It so happened that my only friend for whom I care the most in this universe,I will cry if she is sad, I will be happy in her happiness, I will try to solve each and every issue disturbing her life (though keeping the solutions to myself, rather than conveying them), whose every word I value in life, almost each moment I think about her, and cant imagine at least my present without talking to her ,don't feel like finding anybody else, coz nobody seems to be better than her. But somehow when she recited me some nice words, though they dint had any tune, they were not any song, but they seemed to me as a song of my life, with which I can live without any regrets ... Then I realised that words really matter.. And also they should exactly reciprocate feelings from your heart, no psuedo-thigies.. .otherwise everything seems to be pseudo, and no matter how hard you try then you can never return back to living your dreams, because dreams are pure not psuedo. Being good with my words is a habbit I would like to make a part of my life.
Earlier I used to think that if there is communication gap, then the talk is not worth it. But my definition of communication gap used to lack the basic substance in it. When there is no communication how can there even be a communication gap.. firstly u need to communicate. I mean u need to say some words. Then the other thing that matters is that, you should know the other person so well that you should know how to communicate your message.. And if then there is a communication gap, that is you don't even know that how you can get him/her to understand your feeligs, that is you don't even know what he/she might interpret about your words, I guess than it is not worth it. (And here I'm not talking about proffessional issues, there you have to communicate some way or the other, no emotions involved there)..

Anyway, to cut the crap, rather than blogging, writing too much, I must also learn to speak and express my feelings.. And in a way that other person should understand them the way I want them to be conveyed.. !!


2 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

enigma said...

realizing lots of things lately, gud!
on a light note , just read this blog again,n count the no. of times u hv used the word " person", y not just rite the name ;)

A learner said...

All the credit goes to the "person"..
as far as the name of the "person" is concerned, the person who I'm referring here knows very well.. and it is sufficient..:)