Monday, November 17, 2008

Had a Nice Day..... :)

Had this happened 2 years before I would have projected it as the worst day of my life, this post wud not even have come into existence. But there is a new positive energy in me these days. It so happened that I had to go for a visit to Nuclear Power Plant with co-internees from all over the world working at different parts in Switzerland. Most of them, I have met earlier almost all of them. We had to be at the platform at 8:24 in the morning to catch the train. I reached there at 8:15 well dressed, and perfectly ready. If you know me this would be a strange thing to see, coz I never wake up befor 9, and then getiing up from bed is all different story. So as was expected people were really amazed, they were least expecting me. Anyway we moved on. We boarded the train, and after around 20 minutes of travel we reached Dottingen, where a bus was waiting to take us to the Power Plant. Suddenly someone asked that do u all have ur passports and bang, I realised I was the only one not carrying it.Soon, I was in a rush to go back and get the passport anyway, I was talking to the organiser that I can get back in an hour and can I be allowed at that time. While I was doing this, some of my colleagues were sitting in the bus, some were really worried for me. And it was a nice feeling to realise atleast you have some people in a stranger country who care for you, and even from whom it was least expected. Look in her eyes were that of a worried mind, and I dont know how I could console her, so rather than saying anything I just hurried back home. Then somehow, on the way back I managed to miss the train, and reached the Dottingen station 1:30 hours late. Now I had to take the Bus from there, and the main thing was that I just knew the name of the region power plant was located in. I sat in the bus. It was going through all those beautiful meadows, hill after hill it was crossing. I was just enjoying the view and was planning to come here next weeken for a hike.Suddenly I realised that I had travelled for about 30 minutes in the bus and still not reached anywhere, and hold on a second do I know where I wanna reach. I immediately appeared in front of the bus driver asked him about the Power plant, and it is so very much difficult to communicate in German when you know only a few words from the language. But somehow I managed to both ask him ,and understand his answer. I had missed the stop and if I get down at next stop I can take the next bus back. I got down, crossed the road ,justz to check on the schedule at the bus stop that next bus is in 2 hours. At first I just laughed at my destiny, that how graceful god is, I know I could not come next week for the hike coz it is gonna be snow, so god gave me an oppurtunity to live my dream today. Also from far away I could see the power plant, and dream of reaching there in time was clouded. As the tour was only for 3 hours. And even if I rushI would just be there in time to see all of smiling faces coming out.So I just thought relax ,and enjoy the nature. I was on a highway, cars going at around 200 past me. I diverged my path a little bit,and started walking towards the hill. Man, the view was just mind blowing, and winter was also on its peak. But I was really enjoying it. I had no regrets of the day. It was all seeming so perfect.I was feeling good to get up early in the morning, to realise that there are people who care, to realise that god helps fullfill my wishes. And if there had been someone who I had shared it with at that very moment, I would have got all the negative energy with all the negative thoughts of being lost. But I did not want to lose all this happinees. I just wanted to be lost in my own world for some time. Generally this happens, coz most of the people look at the negative side of all the things I tell them I had done, so to avoid all that negative energy I just tell this to all of them negatively, that I have lost it and all. And then instead of giving negative energy people console me. But today I did not want to be involved in all this ambiguity. I just had a positive feeling. And nobody could have changed it at that moment. Than I felt like talking to a "person", whom I know would never give me that negative energy, would appreciate me, though her words may suggest the opposite. I ended up calling her, and tell her all the story ,and she came up to my expectations. It felt good to talk to her and share all this, though I exhausted all my balance and was left with no contact to the outside world.
Then I walked past all those hills and green pastures of land. Really it looked green till the horizon. I was at the country side. Walking I witnessed a single house in middle of nowhere. It was really beautiful and strange, I hope nobody used to live there. But it had all those small dolls kept all around it. There were some sitting on the fence as the guardians, some at the windows njoing the weather. It was so sweet experience to see all this. Then soon I could see the city. As I was approching it I managed to get lost again. I just ended up in a field with nowhere to go further. Then I happened to see a tractor coming my way.I asked the tractor driver that which way should I go. He got off his tractor and walked me to the road and showed me the way and went back only when he was convinced that I knew the way. How helping are people of Switzerland. Then finally after a little while I found a bus stop, and reached the Dottingen station. And I saw all the people from my group waiting there for the next train, as they come every hour. It was about to come in next 5 minutes. I had to buy the ticket, also everybody was interested in knowing where I was all the time. I was anxiously telling them, and contradicting them that I really had a Nice Day....And buying the ticket was again a long story, but the conclusino was that I missed the train and had to wait at the platform for next 1 hour. And one of our crew member was soo nice to wait on the platform for me. Then I noticed that I could see the sun. How lucky I was,if I would have been on that train I would not have been able to see this beautiful scene of sun illuminating the surroundings all around. Then the guy waiting with me advised to go to a nearby cafe and spend some time. I took a Hot Chocolate and a Chocolate Truffle and njoied it in the warm sun. It was really mind freshning. Finally I took the train and went back home with all these sweet memmories and memorable experiences....
And I conclude that I HAD A NICE DAY

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they say early birds catch the worms! ( i have differnt thing to say though)

yesss ... most of us fail to realize that we are all miners digging for gold