Friday, October 10, 2008


The most waited and lovely season of the year :Autumn.. Come october and the roads will be filled with maple leaves of diiferent can find all of them, some yellow, some red, some purpule... I dont wanna go into the scientific reason for these different colors.. But I just enjoy this scenery.. It is soo mind freshening dunno y..And also if you notice carefully, all the plants shine and the sky is as clear as it can be.. The voice of birds is different...The leaves are departing from the trees, to be replaced by new ones.... Contrastingly we humans are in most depressing of moods during this process of departure in life... But it is also worth noticing that many things dont change, and also new leaves have already started budding on the trees,as the old ones leave..I dunno should I mix the philosphy or not.. But it is kinda not going with it.. yeah ? I will just carry on with appreciating it..
As I walk from my home I can see the streets flodded with leaves, and there are really tonnes of them, and on the mountains you can look at the trees, they are no more green, they are multi-colored. And green is no more the only color which makes the scenery perfect .. I guess the colors I saw are more than it !! Everybody around is looking so happy, everybody has a smile on their face, birds are chirping, and even the sound of river seems to be like it wants to express its happiiness.. Cool breeze is blowing and touching you again and again to make you realise that it is not a dream... you are livin it ...Man m really experienceing the autumn/fall as they say..." Fall " is rather a wrong terminology, as it is not a fall, but nature is at its peak during this season !!


2 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

deeps said...

is that a mere seasons?
the trees shedding....leaves all scatters...

isnt the same hapening in life too?

A learner said...

...thats what I wanted to discuss in the blog and then stopped.... but the goos part is that, as I mentioned in the blog that we poeple are sad in this season of our lives,but nature is at its peak... So we have lots to learn from it !!