Thursday, October 30, 2008

I woke up in the morning today... And it was bright day...It was perfect and complete.. I opened my window, everything was shining. White snow has covered everything, it was white all around, also the sky was white, so it was all looking like a white sheet of paper on my window. Snow had been falling all night, and now it has gathered like 10cms or 15cms, and everything was literally covered by snow... It just felt soo nice to be at a place like this... Everything was soo beautiful... On the way to work I preferred walking, I could see the moutains , completely white, children playing with snow on the way, the river had some white spots in between due to the rocks in it... Everything seemed to be new and better.... Awesome experience... I just want the weather to be like this for next 1 month (which I know it will be, for next 6 months).. ;)
Nothing else on my mind these days..


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