Monday, October 06, 2008

Everybody has some purpose in life. Athletes strive daily to achieve a perfection in their games, Managers toil hard to fond new ways to manage infrastructure, Doctors have a passion to find newer and better methods to cure patients, Engineers want to make living easy for people, Students want to be at the top, A lover invents new ways daily to impress his beloved........... All have something. But if we remove this label from the respective persons, that is thinking as a human-being. What is your purpose in life, what do you want out of your life.. ?
Many people know their dreams be it anything and fight hard for it. As we grow in life we keep on getting these new labels according to the profession and the local purpose of life, that is the short term purpose of life keeps on changing. But what is the global that is long-term aim in life. For me it is "peace". And though during the coarse of life I would have to ignore my main aim in life, but finally I want peace in life. These short-term aims in life should not be that much as to change and over-power the long term aim in life..
It is generally said that having an aim in life is beneficial.. It makes life more meaningful. But this is not it, you should fight for it. Being a little restless in life is always better. But when it comes for what you want in life, "Just Go For It"..Yo dont have to think twice or it... If you have a passion in life and you give your 100% to achieve it, it doesnt even matters whether you lose or win at the end. Because the defeat is also like winning at the end of this battle. Atleast you tried, and now you know that it wont work and many people just dont try coz they have heard that it wont work, but you are sure of it. so its not your defeat, you have won in a way .. !!
Dreaming.. is not at all bad, but if it is limited, it should not be that you live your life in a dream... Dream, but try and live on those dreams if they are worth, otherwise just forget them....There should be something in life for which you just can give everything, be it a person or something else. Choice varies from person to person, but without such commitment in life, it is not worth living !!

Dream of something,
Sing for it,
After that it doesnt matters !!

- Joker

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