Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today just everything looks so beautiful...From soo many days, here in Switzerland I didn't get to see a proper sunlight. It was all cloudy and cold these days..Yesterday it even rained ..though this kind of weather is very soothing...
But today in the morning I woke up, as usual late..but today I didn't hurry up for getting dressed and all.. I did it all slow and steady..There was a different sense of peace in my was all cool and calm !!
When I went out I saw the Sun shining, and believe me it was soo beautiful all around.. All the trees on the mountain in front of my appartment were really shining, and the river in the valley was no more looking like a normal river, it seemed to carry a different glow in it, as if it was not water, but some heavenly liquid...And birds were flying ..Everything was perfect..I didn't feel like riding my bike in such a weather.. I rather went by foot with my enjoy this to the fullest..And the sky was clear..all blue..and white patches in between.. Slow breeze was also blowing, so it was not soo hot, but sun had made its impact on all the surroundings........... Really switzerland is very beautiful !!

Ae mekhi hawa mujhe le jaa wahan
Mile zameen se jahan jhuk jhuk aasman
Jahan aankhon mein ho ek pyaara sama
Jahan waadiyon se uthe ruk ruk ke dhuan

Sheher door se hain kahin woh jagah
Jharanon kahai sho jahan daba daba
Jahan bolti hogi woh khamoshiyan
Parbaton pe ho jahan badliyan

Pedon ki chaaon ho jahan pe ghani ghani
Suraj ki kirnen ho jahan pe chani chani
Khushboo ho shaam ki jahan pe bheeni bheeni
Mile jahan pe chand se woh chandni

Mein wahan hoon ho tanhaiyan
Mere dil ko na khaye wahan
kabhi koi fikre jahan

P.S : Nothing else is on my mind today.. !!

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