Friday, October 17, 2008

Piece by Piece...Inch by Inch

The struggle of life is endless. People want to have a rich life, a prosperous life, some want a happy life, some want a famous life... But what most of us forget in achieving a certain kind of life is that we need to live first to put these adjectives on our lives.. I mean we need to have a life....whatever your aim maybe, the "struggle to live" is everywhere and it depends on your vision whether it is clouded or broad..!! And a life without struggle is boring..If there are no challenges in life a person would spend the life thinking and the thought process would create challanges in life... Even the peace has challenges within it... !!
There is a race everywhere, be it your profession, be it about the clothes you wear, be it the attitude you wear, or the knowledge you possess...This all depends on the priority you give to them...
But in every race you have just inches to win over, just pieces to cover.. One more step and you could have been the winner, but somebody did it already... You have to win inch by inch, piece by piece..All the inches are necessary though they may not seem to be so, but when all the inches or pieces are joined together they make a big difference....So never may be losing an inch..!!
I can write all this but I dont know whether I will ever write in the rule book governing my I even have a rule book of life.. !!..But apart from all this.........
I dont wanna be Mr.X,I dont wanna be Mr,Y, or some person who is known for their wisdom in respective fields..I dont wanna be nobody..I aint nobody...But when I look back, I just wanna say that I did it my way..


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enigma said...

read it, n just luved it :)