Monday, October 06, 2008


This name is not inspired by any movie or anything, was thinking of keeping this name from some time now,but didn't feel like it earlier.
Joker is person who always makes people laugh. He is always seen with a smile on face.Never will you see a joker cry,and even if a joker cries, it is to make you laugh. We have such a short life, but the tensions in life are multiple and countless. " Chaar din ki Zindagi hai, Aur gam 40 dinon ka "..Kuch log gam mai hi Zindagi nikaal dete hain..But joker is a person who spends his life in spreading happiness... Happiness is a wealth which grows with distributing.. Joker never allows somebody to approach closer, as somebody will come closer, he/she will start understanding the feelings of Joker.. But all people only know that joker never cries...So joker's image is lost and he is no more a joker... Joker also has feelings, but he doesnt wants anybody to understand them, he just fakes it with a small joke or something, but hides it everytime, because then it would all be a different ball game...Joker never thinks of himself, he always thinks of other people in this world...
So to deal with worldly emotions rather than being anyone else I would prefer to be a Joker....

"Why So Serious, Lets put a smile on this face of yours !! "


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