Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why do people attach to someone/something so much that when they go away it hurts..I can never understand it.. and can never even try to repel it...I just wanna accept life as it comes..
I just wanna be free from all this logic.. I want to lose all the rationalism.. Just want to live in a dream world, where I honestly will believe in magic..Where nothing is truly impossible.. I just want to be crazy me.. the hopelessly romantic me.. !!
I just want to live every moment of life, it will never come back, and just want to do whatever heart says, and be bold enuff to say "Shut Up" to my mind and its logic .. !! At last we are what we think we are... !!
But did you notice how many times the word "want" has been repeated in the above briefing of my future life...
" Yaar life mai chahte to bahut log bahut kuch hain.."..
So Chillax... !!


6 Jee khol kar likh dijie ..:

enigma said...

"yaar life me chahte to bahut log bahut kuch hai"...... n ever realised bah ut kuch mil bhi jata hai ..so chillax n keep dreaming, or better wake up n make sure ur dreams come true..
wass the point if u dont even try!
just a thought

A learner said...

Yeah you are completely right my dear friend, but the dream in which context I wrote this blog, is not sumthin to try for.. I guess !!

deeps said...

we are all learners in the life journey ha?
as we go along, we stumple upon quite a few xperiences...i just put them down there..
niways..thanks for those words :-)

maybe coz, by loving someone we give a part of us with that person...

A learner said...

It is so humble of you to say thanks..
Yeah you truly said that we give a part of us to somebody we love, but I wanted to say that I dont want find somebody to take ny other part,I mean we dont make somebody our part and then love them... It just flows..So for time being I just wanna njoi full me, till it is parted...:)

deeps said...

you are living it up one day at a time..!!

deeps said...

Ohh !
It was not the dream-ship that’s meant to sink every time….
But that happens one a while, doesn’t it?

Now when such unfortunate things happens, we shouldn’t sit back merely lamenting the misfortune, but rise up and go forth..thats what I was conveying!

Nihow, I appreciate and thank your approach..
Nice day