Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sometimes silver also shines as Diamond, though it may not glitter .. !!
This is my 50th blog and I want this blog to be good. From past 2 days all I had been doing is thinking of life.. So here I begin my blog..[Silver Jublee blog]

It takes courage to climb a mountain, but without climbing the mountain how will we get to see such scenic beauties... Rest you may, but never stop... Whatever you do, be it anything, just give your best, and if you cant better quit at earlier stages rather then repenting later. And by giving your bes I mean it. I mean your 100% ,try and go till the end..And the most important part is you should know your 100%,you should know what you are capable of. Though you may dream high, but never forget where you belong. Have commitments in life. Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you. BE careful while using the word commitment in your life. And when you use it, please never forget it. It will always make you feel proud of yourselves, once you attain what you always strived for..
Dream !!, it always helps but you should also be practical in life. Never live in a dream world. Be fully aware of both sides of the coin. Being positive in life and dreaming are all together different things..Being positive gives you a kick, gives you a positive energy to help you do whatever you are upto...Contrary to it dreaming only helps you visualize your aim, but never achieve it.. !!
But sometimes we are so much engaged in the wordly emotions that we think it is better to live in a dreamy world, where all the promises are completed, nobody ever betrays you, you are always happy...but world is not like that my dear. Other than emotions there are so many beautiful things on this lovely planet you should care for. I know it always hurts to detatch from people, it is natural, why we always hope for days to have more than 24 hours when we are with someone close, why the talks never end even though the topics may be exhausted, why we realise the importance of all those random time spent when somebody close goes away, may be we would never have realised their importance without being away from them. People come and go in life, but if we don't let them go we will never be able to know ourselves well. Log aate hain, chale jaate hain, yaadien reh jaati hain. And rather than crying over all those memmories, we should cherish them. Thinking of them again and again, only hurts and makes those memories look ugly. So we should rather decorate them in our slambook of lives, and refer to it whenever we feel down. These memmories should be there to boost us up, not to make us feel down... And we should always thank all the people who have come in our lives, god knows we will ever get that oppurtunity again or not. I thank all the people who have come in ly life and created a difference, made me feel special, made me feel inspired, gave me the zeal to go on in life, taught me how to laugh at every failure, without them I cannot imagine my life to be complete.
I dont want any shoulder to cry, dont want any mouth to advice, any hand to support, for all that god has given me enough power and if not I would like to fight for it. All I want is somebody to listen to me, have that feeling of trust in someone and by god's grace I had all those people in life ....


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