Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snow Fall
It was perfect... It is said that winters start just after Deepawali.. And that is today.. So as I was coming to the office today I was feeling a bit chill, and before I forget to mention it has been continuously raining since last 2 days.. to help decrease the temperature... But today snow fall started, At around 10:30 AM in the morning I could see the snow flakes dropping down from sky through the window in front of my desk..It was really awesome.. Also cold breeze was blowing to make it more romantic. It was soo cold I could not even go for lunch.. I was really happy today. I talked to many of my friends in India and shared the happiness... to some I was talking after a real long felt good !! It was truly great feeling !! While coming back.. it was like 6:30PM, still snow was falling, I went to the supermarket, and then to play.. I spent almost an hour and half, It was 8 in the night, when I came out the weather had not changed much.. I decided to go by bus instead of cycling back home.. But somehow I changed my plan, I just wanted to experience this first snowfall.. It is approximately 2 Km ride. I decided to cycle back.. cold wind was also blowing.. And most importantly I did not had any gloves, cap or anything.. Just a t-shirt and a jacket over it.. !! It reminded me of the time when in India I went home on my motorbike, to experience the chill.. BUt this was much small ride.. Though the effects were almost the same..I got my hands swollen in just 10 minutes of ride.. But it was mind blowing experience, steering through the wind and through the snow.. It was clouding my vision.. I had to put one hand in front of my eyes to prevent snow from entering my eyes..Finally when I reached home, literally I could not feel my hands...I had to sit in the quilt for quiet some time to get back to normal.. It is 12 in night right now, and it is still snowing..
I'm just loving it.......


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